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Lonely Planet Competitive Analysis

No description

Alisa Pulver

on 13 March 2013

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Transcript of Lonely Planet Competitive Analysis

competitors SWOT analysis travel industry lonely planet today Unique
Authoritative brand attributes Owned by BBC Worldwide
Over 200 authors
Over 100 million printed guidebooks
52.2 million page views
Over 10 million downloads points of differentiation Print
Avalon’s Moon/ Rick Steves
Rough Guides
DK Eyewitness
Conde Nast Traveller
National Geographic Online
Trip Advisor
Yahoo! Travel
Virtual Tourist
Let’s Go
Boots n All
World Travel Guide
Atlas Obscura Mobile
Trip It
Goings On: New Yorker
North Face Trailhead
Urbanspoon executive summary/ recommendations Digital publishing program
Multi-platform distribution
Content & service
Community connection Strengths
Digital publishing program
Mutli-platform distribution
Content & service
Dominant global reach
Editorial independence
First-hand knowledge
Affiliate & Client programs Weaknesses
Monetizing content
Penetrating the non-English market
Author vetting and ethical supervision
Social media responsiveness Opportunities
Domestic travel guides
New destinations to discover and cover
Emerging markets, such as India
Early adoption of/ partnerships with new technologies Threats
Economic recession
Google Goggles (new technologies)
Future author behavior
Brand dilution or confusion competitive tiers
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