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Hollow City

No description

Kate K

on 19 May 2014

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Transcript of Hollow City

Hollow City
An ymbryne, headmistress
to the peculiar children
Miss Peregrine
A peculiar child who can create
fire with her hands.
Emma Bloom
A peculiar child who can sense and see the hollowgast.
Jacob Portman
Jacob is 15 years old. He is from Florida and had a close relationship with his grandfather. When he was younger, Jacob's grandfather told him stories of a house on an island called Cairnholm. Peculiar children lived in this home. His grandfather's last words to Jacob were to find this home, so he sets out and he does.
Emma is a peculiar child. She can conjure fire with her hands. Emma ran away from her family at the age of 15 and Miss Peregrine found her.
"Miss Emma, I always knew you were brave, but that was beyond anything!"
-Bronwyn, page 72
The children were attacked by a hollowgast, and Emma
grabbed its head, trying to kill it with fire. Emma is a very strong-willed and brave girl. She always tries to keep a positive outlook, and many of the children depend on her when they are in danger.

"The whole episode had really gotten to Emma. I don't know why it was so important for her to prove to a stranger that we were good-hearted, when we knew ourselves."
-Jacob, page 228
A peculiar child they meet along way refuses to come
with them because she can't leave her unpeculiar sister behind. She thinks the peculiar e awful for not caring about the unpeculiar people Emma also holds herself to high standards. She has a lot of pride and she really wants to prove herself.
by Ransom Riggs
Miss Peregrine is an ymbrye. An ymbrye is a peculiar person who is female, can shape shift into a bird, and can manipulate time. In order to protect the peculiar children ymbrynes create loops. A loop is a certain day that happens over and over again. Only peculiar people can enter the loops, and it protects them from wights and hollowgast.
A hollowgast is a creature that hunts and kills peculiar people. Hollowgast are invisible to almost all peculiars. Once they eat enough peculiar flesh they transform into wights.
Wights also hunt and kill the peculiars, but they take on a more human form. Peculiars can see the wights. They are able to blend in with others. One way to distinguish a wight is by their milky white eyes.
London, England, 1940,
World War ll.
Amongst the bombing, ten small children are on a quest to save themselves and their headmistress. These children, Jacob, Emma, Hugh, Millard, Bronwyn, Horace, Enoch, Olive, Fiona, and Claire are in a race against the clock. They must travel all the way from a small island to the train station, then to St. Paul's Chapel, in hopes to find the help they desperately need.
The children have escaped Cairnholm and now are in row boats heading for Great Britain. They are running from the wights and the hollowgast. They are traveling to London in hopes to find another ymbryne who can help Miss Peregrine
Rising Action #1
On the island, the children travel through the woods. They come upon another loop. Inside are peculiar animals. The animals help them and tell them an ymbryne, Miss Wren, is in London. Claire and Fiona decide to stay in this loop with the animals, and the rest of the children leave for London.
Rising Action #2
The children meet a group of gypsies. The gypsies hid them from some wights and help them get to the train station.
Rising Action #3
Before the children board the train, the wights capture them. They are taken away. Hugh is able to escape and he uses his peculiar powers to kill the wights and the children escape.
Rising Action #4
In London, the children meet Melinda, who has one of Miss Wrens peculiar pigeons. Melinda joins them, and the pigeon leads them to Miss Wren. She is hiding in a building that has been frozen by a peculiar child.
The children find Miss Wren and ask her to help Miss Peregrine. Miss Peregrine has been changed into her bird form, and she cannot change back. Miss Wren agrees and works on changing her back. In the morning the bird turns into a human.
Falling Action #1
The bird was not really Miss Peregrine. It was her evil brother Caul. The wights had taken Miss Peregrine and Caul was pretending to be her in bird form.
Falling Action #2
Caul orders the children to come with him. His soldiers are outside the building. He orders the building they are hiding in to be unfrozen.
Falling Action #3
Althea is a peculiar who has frozen the building. She attacks Caul and he kills her. The building unfreezes. The children are taken as prisoners to the train station.
Falling Action #4
At the train station, Emma and Jacob are able to escape, but the others were still taken away. A hollowgast attacks them. Jacob is able to control it.
Jacob decides to stay in the loop and not go back to the present. He needs to save his friends.
"I hope I'll be able to come home someday, but there are things I need to do first." -Jacob, page 396
Jacob has decided to stay in the loop to save his
friends. Jacob tries to protect everyone cares about and won't give up until they are safe.
"You've helped us more than you realize. And it's time for you to go home." -Emma, page 356
Emma says Jacob needs to leave the lop and go back
to his old life. He has already done what he promised he would. Jacob wants to stay. Jacob still thinks his friends are in danger and he won't leave them.
"Miss Peregrine kept her eyes trained on the slate-gray sea. They were full of sorrow and seemed to say: I failed you." -Jacob, page 31
Miss Peregrine is stuck in her bird form and she cannot
help the children. It is her duty to protect them and she feels helpless now. She would do anything to help the children. Miss Peregrine feels she has failed what she promised to do.
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