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Copy of CfBT Internet & Communications

No description

Will Lobb

on 21 June 2016

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Transcript of Copy of CfBT Internet & Communications

Internet & Communications in Brunei
Welcome to Brunei!
Telephone options
Internet access/WiFi
Mobile phone networks
Electronics Shopping
CfBT Helpdesk
English Student Performance Web App
There are 3 telecommunications companies in Brunei:
Free Wifi Areas In Brunei
Look for the WiFi logo
Cafes, restaurants, hotels
Telecom Companies
WiFi Hotspot
Mobile Phone Network
3G and GSM based (will work with any existing handset)
Easi - Pre paid, PAYG
Prima - Post paid, contract ($35 - $85/mth)

Mobile Broadband
Go! Broadband - speeds up to 7.2Mbps (Shared)
Prices range from $38-$78/mth
Requires purchase of USB modem
Mobile Phone Network
3G only (will work with newer handsets only)
Pre paid, PAYG
Post paid, contract ($35 - $65/mth)

Mobile Broadband
Zoom! Broadband - speeds up to 7.2Mbps (Shared)
Prices range from $30-$60/mth
Requires purchase of USB modem ($109)
TelBru Old Airport Lobby - Berakas

KFC - Gadong/Kiulap/BSB/Tutong

Pizza Hut - Tutong/BSB/The Mall

Gripp's Cafe - Kiulap

Sugar Bun - Gadong

The Mall Food Court - Gadong

Centerpoint Hotel - Gadong

RoomZ Hotel - Seria

Boat Terminal - Temburong

Radisson Hotel - BSB
Ahan Thai Restaurant (Jubilee Hotel) - BSB

Airport Departure Hall (Incomm) - Berakas

Big Papa's Restaurant - Kiulap

Brunei Hotel - BSB

Chill, The Mall - Gadong

Coffeebean - TheMall/Gadong/BSB

Empire Hotel - Jerudong

Grand City Hotel - Batu Bersurat

McDonalds - Gadong

Tat Place Hotel - KB
Free-to-air channels
Local: RTB1, RTB2 & RTB International
Malaysian: TV3/RTM1/RTM2

DST Kristal Astro (100+ Channels)
DST Kristal Astro B.Yond (HD)
Range of packages available (Sports, Movies, Nature, Travel, etc.)
TV Services
Hua Ho - largest department stores in Brunei
RnT - Kiulap/Gadong
Multiple electronic stores around Kiulap & Gadong

Computer Equipment (All in Kiulap & Gadong)
NetCom - Kiulap (Largest IT Retailer in Brunei, Authorized Dell & HP Dealer)
CF King - Kiulap (Authorized Sony & Asus Dealer)
AV Electronics - Kiulap & The Mall (Authorised Apple Dealer)
ACI Technology - Laptops and PCs
Technology Shopping
Technology Shopping
Online Shops
www.qqestore.com (local)
www.shopping.com.bn (local)
www.emall.com.bn (local)
eBay (USA, UK, AUS, SG, MY)
Local Classifieds

Events, buying, selling, exchanging and advertising
Useful Local Websites
Local news

Cinema MovieTimes

Local Bloggers
CfBT Email Account
Navigate to CfBT website - www.cfbt.org
Click on ‘Check CfBT mail’

Navigate directly to webmail.cfbt.org
CfBT Helpdesk
Web based Helpdesk for IT, HR, Housing, ESP

Provided for problems relating to:
CfBT e-mail accounts
CfBT IT related issues
CfBT HR related Issues
CfBT Housing related Issues
CfBT ESP Web App related issues
Not for personal technology issues
CfBT Helpdesk
5. After you submit a request, click on Open Tickets to see replies OR check your email
This Section Will Cover:
1. Use the same login/password as your email account
4. Don't forget to choose
the correct department
2. Select 'Submit Ticket'
3. Fill in the form
Most restaurants & hotels (lobby) provide free WiFi but the most popular is at Coffeebean Gadong & The Mall
Landline services

ADSL Internet (e-speed)
Requires landline
Speeds of 1MB ($65/mth), 2Mb ($75/mth), 3.5Mb ($85/mth), 5Mb ($105/mth)
$50 deposit + $65-$100 modem fee

International Calling Cards

Fibre lines being implemented in 2013 nationwide
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