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Pandora's Box

No description

Ana Manceva

on 4 October 2013

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Transcript of Pandora's Box

According to greek mythology, Pandora was the first and most beautiful woman on Earth.
She was created by Hephaestus by using earth and water.
The Characters
He was the king of gods, ruler of Olympus, and master of lightning.
He was from the earlier race of gods called the Titans. He represents fire since he was said to have given man the gift and knowledge of fire.
He was a deformed but brilliant man, and the son of Hera and Zeus. He was originally thrown on the side of Mount Olympus by his mother because he was deformed. He was later found by Zeus and brought back to Olympus where he become the god of blacksmithing and married Aphrodite.
He was the brother of Prometheus and the husband of Pandora.
She was the goddess of beauty and love. In this story, she is a role model for Pandora.
The gods gave her many gifts.
Hermes gave her speech
Athena clothed her
Aphrodite gave her beauty
Shortly after Pandora's creation, Prometheus stole fire from heaven.
Zeus was not at all pleased and decided that Epimetheus would get to marry Pandora instead of him.
As a wedding present, Pandora was given a beautiful box that came with instructions. She was not allowed to open it under any circumstance.
Even though Pandora was forbidden to open the box, she was too impelled by her curiosity which led her to opening it.
Once she did, she released all the evil that it contained such as misery, disease, poverty and war into the world, except for one thing that lay at the bottom-the Spirit of Hope.
The idiom "This is a Pandora's box" is used to imply a source of complication or something that will cause many problems.
Pandora was very upset about what she had done because she had failed her duty. However, Zeus did not punish her because he knew that this would happen.
This myth is the attempt to explain the beginning of something because people always want to know why things happen in the world.
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