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The Fish Bowl

No description

on 25 August 2013

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Transcript of The Fish Bowl

Living in a Fish Bowl

What does it means to live in a fish bowl?
As an RA, you are a role model (if you like it or not.)
You are in the spotlight almost all of the time.
You are constantly being watched; on campus, in the dorms, even on social media!
Many people, including residents, administrators and people you never even met will suddenly know who you are.
Why it is important to keep this in mind?
As RAs, you have to present the image of a role model or leader.

The behavior you represent should represent what you want to see from your residents.

Your floor will look to you to answer questions and point them in the right direction
How to just keep swimming by balancing living where you work and appropriate use of social media
What Changes Will Occur Because of the RA Job?
You will be known as "the RA"
Other people rely on you
Your time is no longer just your time - it is your residents' as well
You will be compared to past RAs.
No matter what you do -- the good and the bad -- people will notice.
Role modeling
may require some behavioral adjustments.
You already possess some very positive role modeling traits. Let them shine!
Your Power of Influence
Most influence - your floor
direct contact
new students will look to you
The hours you keep, the studying you do and the activities that you are part of will all influence what your residents choose to do.

Your Power of Influence
Lead by example

Let your behavior reflect how you would like your residents to behave

It will encourage an environment where residents are respectful of you and one another.
Situations tend to be misinterpreted by residents
Questions to ask yourself:
What are your actions as the RA?
What are the residents' perceptions?
What might their perception imply about you and your character?
How could this situation be avoided?
When you think they are not looking
Do you feel that your social media sites are private?
Text to 22333
Yes - 270671
No - 279766
Think before you share!
Does this influence the ethics and integrity of the RA position and how others see you?
Should I hit share?
- 21 year old RA
- lives in Edgewood Park Apartments
Text code to 37607
281953: Appropriate?
281954: Not Appropriate?
Tweet, Tweet?
Text code to 37607
282360: Tweet?
282388: Not Tweet?
I didn't post it!
A resident comments you on Facebook:

It's my Facebook, I can vent

Text code to 37607
Appropriate? 292016
Inappropriate? 292041
To add, or not to add residents?
Learn names and background (Put names to faces)
Breaks barriers
Can make you more approachable
Can make a group for them to bond
You find out a lot about them
Misconstrue what is posted
Create unnecessary tensions with them learning things you wouldn't share with them

Text code to 37607
Appropriate? 287738
Not appropriate? 287740
In Summary...
Social media is not as private as you may think

Think before you post
Consider residents' perceptions
Keep off Social Media
Things you should not post about
Alcohol use
Breaking any sort of housing policy or parts of the RA contract
Confidential/resident info
Criticizing supervisors/coworkers/housing department/Rowan
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