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LIT Program 5-Year Plan

Alicia Tapia Assignment #3 LIS 585 Marino

Alicia tapia

on 21 October 2011

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Transcript of LIT Program 5-Year Plan

Sacred Heart Cathedral Preparatory
LIT Program 5 Year Plan Overview Based on the college preparatory needs of the students at Sacred Heart Cathedral Preparatory, the Herbst Library and Information Center provides a quiet atmosphere where students can concentrate on their work, use computers, and take advantage of the open, well-lit space conducive to academic study. Goals A second printer: A few of the students who took the poll administered during the analysis mentioned that they would appreciate a second printer. Based on observation, the current HP LaserJet 4350 is constantly printing student assignments as well as any paperwork printed by library staff. Often times if there is a printer jam, this causes students some anxiety and often makes them tardy for class. Although teachers understand that the printer does jam and these tardys are excused, it still takes valuable time away from the student actually being in the classroom. Time costs include having the printer set up and having certain computers routed to print at a designated printer. This would relieve the current printer of being overworked and would also save student time, they would not have to wait for their job to be printed.
Estimated Cost: $500 -$1800, depending on used or new. Time cost include a day or two to set up configurations and troubleshoot. ONE YEAR PLAN The Herbst Library and Information Center is always a busy place. Whether it's a free collaboration period or a schedule block, students constantly occupy the library working on their homework and learning how to manipulate databases. Librarian Judy Scudder effectively teaches information literacy by sewing database and search demonstrations into the content of the course being taught. Students
Continue to provide excellent technological resources to students by incorporating new and upcoming trends in digital literacy.
Advocate reading for pleasure
Develop cultural competence.
Teachers & Staff
Facilitate scheduling process
Re-organize & update library staff manual
Encourage more teachers to make use of the library.



Community Service

Coordinate Schedules Students at SHCP are very college-oriented. The whole curriculum of the school is very rigorous and geared toward preparation for college. Books that are checked out from the library mostly have to do with whatever the student is studying. Although this isn't bad thing, to read purely for pleasure is a habit that should continue to be developed.
Amazon Kindles. Following the examples of other school libraries, Six Kindles can be purchased to encourage non-school reading in students. Students will enjoy the new technology, it's portability, personalization, and benefit from reading.
Estimated Cost: $900 for Six Kindles
Why 6? A single title can be purchased and shared to a maximum of 6 devices.
Why Kindles? Overdrive access available through San Francisco Public Library, ePub access accessible to devices like iPhone, iPad, laptops, desktops.
1) Kindle for Libraries. <Edukindle.com> & The Kindles are Coming! <http://www.schoollibraryjournal.com/slj/home/889110312/the_kindles__are_coming.html.csp>
2) Prepare Kindles for staff and student use. Ref: <http://www.edukindle.com/category/kindle-how-to/>
3) Take requests from students, establish borrowing and lending program. Join lending clubs online.
4) Instructional session for teachers, they can use in instructional settings
6) Contemplate buying more for class reserve book sets, balance costs. PLAN PLAN 1) Take note of how much gets printed on average, take note of how many times the printer jams within a week.
2) Bring this information to the board, explain the situation, bring in students.
3) Set up printer in second pod of computers just as it is in first pod. Program second pod printers to just print to second pod printer. Program staff computers to print to staff copier. In Sacred Heart Cathedral Preparatory's mission statement it reads: "Inspired by the Daughters of Charity and the De La Salle Christian Brothers, in partnership with families, Sacred Heart Cathedral Preparatory’s mission is to provide the finest education in an inclusive Catholic community of faith. We prepare our students to become service-oriented leaders with a commitment to living the Gospel."
De Marillac Academy is a sister school of SHCP. It was founded in 2001 and serves to provide a rigorous Catholic education to the impoverished youth of the Tenderloin district. DMA is literally a 10 minute walk away from SHCP. Many times the junior high school students travel to SHCP to visit the library and learn information literacy skills.
Although students benefit from the info-lit teachings of librarian Judy Scudder, they could benefit from having an "information mentor". Students at SHCP are more skilled at searching and can provide guidance and tips on what kind of resources educators expect when completing work. This is an opportunity for students at SHCP to build their character, and also emphasize the importance of information literacy. It would also provide the librarian a chance to see how her lessons come across.
Time and Cost Estimate: A month to coordinate this program and curriculum map. Another month to start tutoring program, another month to determine if any difference is made. PLAN 1) Partner with 7th and 8th grade teachers and start curriculum mapping.
2) Find a teacher and class interested in this partnership and curriculum map with them as well.
3) Bring both teachers together in a meeting to figure out schedules.
4) Match up mentors with younger students.
5) Analyze the work of the De Marillac students. Analyze instruction of SHCP to DMA students. FIVE YEAR PLAN Cultural Competence

Smart Boards

Ongoing Cross Training Although this isn't of great importance, it would be slightly more convenient if meeting reservations were done online through a school-synced application like Microsoft Outlook. Schedules could be reserved for each room by teachers and librarians. If this were made available to do online through the SHCP website, which students also have access to, that would be even better. PLAN 1) Determine if it is possible to coordinate this online with the help of the tech support team.
2) Test it out for a month, determine if it is easier to do it the old way, or if teachers find the new feature convenient enough.
Sacred Heart Cathedral Preparatory's student population of 1,250 mirrors the various ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds of San Francisco. SHCP's library is filled with faces of Caucasian, Asian, Hispanic, African and Native Americans that travel from near and far from the city to learn a Catholic, college preparatory curriculum.
Mission statement says: "we work to enable each student to reach his or her religious, social, and academic maturity marked by a zealous commitment to God, an abiding dedication to society, and a confident belief in the worth of oneself. "
Cultural competence not only refers to an ability to interact effectively with people of different cultures, but also to recognize one's own culture as a vital part of discovering oneself.
Students can see their cultures reflected in others, and take a more conscious look that the diversity that surrounds them and makes them such a unique student body.
Cost: Time to curriculum plan with teachers. PLAN 1) Curriculum plan with interested teachers (other than English teachers) to explore how cultural competence can be focused on and developed in students.
2) In curriculum plans, explore different types of epistemologies of modern cultures, indigenous cultures, etc.
3) Actively pull resources in books and from databases that will aide this search.
4) Have students develop ways to present what they've learned publicly, using the library as their exhibit stage. Smart boards would be a valuable asset to information literacy lessons in the library.
New technology would fascinate students and keep them attentive. It is a way to get more interactive on both the teaacher and students part.
Only one of the three computer pods have a projector.
Library image will be in line with cutting edge technology. Library could experiment with effectiveness, perhaps Smartboards will be extended to the rest of the school.
Estimated Cost: $5000, depending on which model and how many smartboards are purchased. Time cost includes staff training. PLAN 1) Develop curriculum plan that incorporates new technology and information literacy skills.
2) Create training sessions that will allow teachers to sync Kindles or devices to Smart Boards.
3) Gain support from the faculty's express interest in exploring new technology. After observing that SHCP's past 1st and 5 year plans included ongoing training, I've decided this is both a 1 and 5 year plan.
With the exception of the librarian, it's important that library assistants know how to do each other's jobs, or at least have a manual to do so, in case of emergency. PLAN 1) Have each staff member write down their most important duties and outline the procedures and details of each process.
2) During the summer, when students are not in the library as often, take the time to schedule to train one another. For example: The person who processes the books also learns how to work the scanner. The person who sets up the projectors for class sessions also knows how to check out class sets. Etc.
3) Brainstorm technologies and duties that each staff member feels they need improvement with, or would like to learn about. For example, someone who knows how to use Powerpoint wants to learn how to use Prezi. Staff members can each learn from one another. And as new technologies arise, this cross training will continue and should be updated at every meeting.
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