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Your Corporate Communication Toolkit

No description

Melissa Madgwick

on 29 December 2013

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Transcript of Your Corporate Communication Toolkit

Who are Corporate Communications and what can we do for you?
What is effective communication?
communications brief
for impact
Creative brainstorming
You are our eyes and ears
Branding and using the TAQA logo
Supplier contacts
Communication Strategies
for Internal Projects and Messages
Website /
Video Generation
Idea Generation
Event management
Community engagement / funding
Government relations
Media relations
Crisis communications
Stakeholder engagement
Press releases
How to say it
What's the static?
How to ensure it gets through
What to Say
(Intended) Sender/Receiver
Who has to here it
(Perceived) Sender/Receiver
Communications Brief
Not every piece of communication requires a strategy
We have provided some guidance that will help you make your communication more
relevant and impactful
The Communications Brief
What is your goal for this communication?
Define your audience
Key messages
Timing & deadlines
Communications channels
Team meetings
At its best
Make communications personal and relevant to the team involved
Opportunity for discussion, feedback, questions and ideas
Allows for a lively and interactive session if facilitated well
Can help build understanding and involvement
Potential downside
Success depends on
skill of leader/communicator
Time commitment for
both manager and audience
Beware of content overload; other channels are more effective for information delivery
Think about
Making the best possible use of this time...
Making sure you uphold meeting discipline
If you have to communicate a difficult piece of information, ask the communications team for help and training
it’s valuable
Further tips on running an effective team meeting
At its best
Creative and entertaining.
Can show real people
talking about their experiences.
The camera never lies – it can show proof of progress.
Consistent, controlled message.
Useful tool for offshore communication.

Potential downside
Potentially expensive.
Not interactive on its own.
Can be seen as
glossy corporate propaganda.
Talking heads alone are rarely engaging.
How and where they are shown – not everyone might have the opportunity to view.

Think about
Using as part of a briefing session to stimulate debate.
Using ‘real people’ to talk about their experiences, not just senior execs.
Asking the communications team for help in
developing the brief/script.
Typical lead time
4 - 8 weeks
Please ask for a
list of recommended suppliers.
At its best
Can reach mass audiences fast.
Cost-effective and simple to use.
Consistent and controlled message.
Reaches the recipient directly.
Good for information, awareness or instruction.

Potential downside
Not everyone may have
access, does not work well for offshore communications
Impersonal and open to misinterpretation.
Can result quickly in information overload.
Can’t tell if messages have been read.
Doesn’t prioritise messages.
Can’t generate dialogue
or discussion.
Think about
Using the subject box to
get across your key message
Keeping it short and simple.
Using heading and bullet points for key messages and to break up the text.
Typical lead time
Take the time to plan,
review and be critical about what you have written
Further guidelines on effective use of email
At its best
Fast and consistent
Possibilities are endless, can
be entertaining and visually snappy
Good for information store, reference and raising awareness
Web stats can show who is reading
Potential downside
Not everyone
may have access
Relies on people
seeking out information
Think about
Speaking to the communications team to discuss updates on the intranet.
People may not
have time to read it
Making sure your team is aware that the intranet is used as your communications tool so they seek out the information.
Typical lead time
Articles can be posted almost instantly, adding a new page takes more time.

Printed material
(e.g. brochures/flyers)
At its best
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