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No description

Hannah Hirang

on 6 September 2012

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Transcript of Portfolio

Youth for Family and Life Hannah Hirang's Portfolio Edits Vicariate of Sta. Rita De Cascia Photography Infographic For School Edits for YFL Activities! YFL Teasers for YFL Activities Teasers for YFL SRDC's
Christmas Party 2011 Videos Teasers for YFL SRDC's
Youth Camp 2012 I designed/layout-ed a few
websites for our Website
Development Class Websites 3D Objects These are a few of the 3D objects I made
for our 3D Animation 1 Class www.hannahhirang.com || www.twitter.com/hannahlysis www.hannahhirang.com/boutique_hotel Boutique Hotel Fashion Trends www.hannahhirang.com/fashion_trends Tuma-Typography! www.hannahhirang.com/tuma-typography Random Teaser for YFL SRDC's
Fellowship 2011 Tarpaulin Designs Others (T-shirt studies /ID designs) *Program used: Adobe Photoshop *Program used: Sony Vegas *Programs used: Adobe Photoshop & Adobe Illustrator *Camera used: Nikon D3100 *Programs used: Adobe Photoshop & Adobe Illustrator *Program used: Adobe Dreamweaver (You can also visit hannahhirang.com
to check out the other websites I created!) *Program used: Maya 2008/2011
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