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space debris

No description

yehuda krebs

on 8 April 2014

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Transcript of space debris

THIS IS SPACE DEBRIS by yehuda krebs
My own idea
My idea is a solar powered sucking machine I call it the ''solar powered sucking shrink ray''. What it does it spots the space debris with its long distance telescope and and shoots a lazer to shrink the space debris until its not able to be seen. Then it starts to suck the space debris into a little tube. The tube takes it to a special part of the robot called the producer.Once the producer weighs about 2kg it will start sorting out all the junk. With its unbelievable mind and technology it is able to take broken satellites and turn it into a brand new one, and with comets and asteroids they go into a spot called the disintegrator. wich disintegrates them.

I think that the slingshot is most beneficial because it will take space debris and throw it into Earth's atmosphere.Which will make the space debris go at an tremendous amount of speed. Once it gets really hot it will disintegrate. The slingshot would amazingly hop to 1 piece of debris to another without using much fuel.I believe that the slingshot is most beneficial because it doesn't use a lot of fuel and no one has to go in space with it
An idea
least beneficial
I believe that the Wall of water is the least beneficial because we have no control of it and it could either just float away in space or it will destroy working satellites and posssibly hit the international space station which is highly dangerous.
the cycle of space debris
Most beneficial
In my brief i think that the the magnetic net is the most beneficial because
It attracts space debris towards it
It can hold many portions of space debris
700 meters long
JAXA is expecting to launch the first space net in the year 2019. Believe it or not but JAXA's first net is 30 cm wide and 1km in length.
The ways i can improve

Wall of water : I think that I can improve wall of water by making very big bombs when the bombs explode they let the water out very quickly hitting the junk into Earth's atmosphere.
Magnetic space net : I think that i can improve the space net by making it expand while its attracting and cleaning up junk.
conclusion i think space debris should be taken care of or future space craft activities will be ruined. Also the space debris is multiplying quickly so we better clean up fast!
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