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fr james dixon

No description

carla ayoub

on 19 September 2012

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Transcript of fr james dixon

Fr James Dixon.. Biographical Details.. .born in Ireland
.came to Australia in 1800.
.became a priest in 1798
.was imprisoned for false witness on the irish rebellion. description of contribution.
Father James Dixon made a huge contribution to the early
Catholic church in Australia by being one of the first three
convict priests in Australia and then to perform the first
Catholic mass and the first Catholic marriage.
He also preached the good news to those in Australia. Challenges that had to be overcome.
Fr james dixon was a convict as well so if there were any rebellions then he would be the person the governor will blame.
he was the only catholic priest around and he was resopnsible for the catholics
he was told that if he was seen or thought to be taking part in a rebellion he would get wipped which is what happened.
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