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United States vs Nixon

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claire h

on 25 March 2016

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Transcript of United States vs Nixon

United States v Nixon
Arguments for United States
His power is not absolute
He cannot withhold information during a criminal case
This case is clearly meant for the Federal Court
Arguments for Nixon
The Constitution insures each branch independent power
That includes keeping confidential information confidential
Executive power is absolute
This case should be solved by the Executive Branch
Chief Justice Burger
Nixon Resigning
President Nixon giving a speech
United States v Nixon
There was a scandal in 1974 regarding audio tapes of President Nixon discussing a break-in at the Democratic Party headquarters. Nixon would not give the tapes to Congress because of his "executive privilage". The District Court disagreed. The case eventually reached the Supreme Court.
Watergate Scandal and Nixon's Resignation
Historical Context
Burglars got caught at the watergate building in Washington DC
They were breaking into the Democratic Party headquarters
They were connected to President Nixon's relection campaign (as a Republican)
We are unsure if Nixon knew about it, but he did atempt to cover it up
"Covering it up" consisted of:
Resisting FBI's investigation
Sabotaging clues
Congress began the process to impeach him, but then Nixon resigned
The 1970's was a time of uncertainty regarding the Federal Government
Mistrust came from the American people being decieved about the Vietnam War, the Kent State University protest and shooting, and President Nixon's OK to attack Cambodia
Constitutional Issues
5th Ammendment required that "nor shall be compelled in any criminal case... be deprived of life, liberty, or property,
without due process of law
Checks and Balances were argued over
Did the Constitution let the President keep evidence from the other branches?
It helped to define the power of the President
The case limited the Presidents use of claiming Executive privlage
It caused Americans to doubt the presidential leadership and take the presidency more seriously
Why was it Important?
The Supreme Court unanimously agreed that Nixon must provide the tapes
The Justices said that their branch had the final call
They said "Executive privlage " did not applie to this case
The President is not above the law
The tapes showed Nixon was directly involved with the cover up

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