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QCC Presentation

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Allan Loo Yong Kheong

on 3 July 2014

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Transcript of QCC Presentation

Gathering of Field Expertise for Improvement Task
PIC involved:
1. Loo Yong Kheong, Allan - Printing Executive (L)
2. Hii Shin Yi - QA Executive (M)
3. YS Quek - QA Executive
4. PY Aw - QA Executive
Meeting Conducted Accordingly to Enhances the Progress of QCC
Implementation of QCC helps worker to:
1. reduce unnecessary quality issue due to contamination
2. alert the safety & awareness of handling chemical
3. reduce unnecessary lead time during production
Setting Up

Meeting for Discussion(s)

Action Carried Out
QCC Presentation
Thank you!
Prevent Contamination of Solvent Using Different Type of Tap System
QCC Name: Together We Can
Current Situation Happens in the Solvent Station
Contamination of Mixing Tap System by Workers
No Proper Procedure to be Implement
1. Contamination
2. Poor Handling of Chemical
3. Safety and Health Issue
4. Wrongly Use of Chemical
Potential Exposure(s)
Potential Benefits/ Return
QCC Involvement
1. Eliminate Contamination of Chemical
2. Increase Safety & Health Awareness
3. Reduce Lead Time
Overall Benefits
Venue: 8 Colors Meeting Room
Duration: 20 ~ 35 Minutes/Discussion
Starting Date: 16 Jun 2014
Ending Date: 10 July 2014
Total Meeting Done: 4
From discussion to writing it down to dedicating task to related individual PIC
Standard Operation Procedures & Labeling
Preparation of Equipments
Briefing & Training
Continuous Monitoring & Supervision
Implementation of Discussion on Real Scenario
Creating Proper SOP - Dual Languages & Diagrams
Introductory of SOP to all workers
Labeling chemical information in Solvent Station
Labeling the respectively drum
Identification total quantity of tap vs. drum
Designing & Specification of tap
Safety & Hazard Sign Boards
Briefing & Training on New SOP
Briefing on Safety Awareness
Emergency Response Plan
QA Session with all workers
Record by Supervisor
Random spot checking
Proper Labeling
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