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HC reform in 4:3 for projector FINAL

No description

Paula Crooks

on 14 August 2013

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Transcript of HC reform in 4:3 for projector FINAL

Healthcare Reform in Virginia
It allows us to
is already
for you.

Health insurance provides access to
Good care
good health.
Who are the uninsured?
Parents of dependent children.
The uninsured are forced to choose between expensive medical care and other financial obligations.
The Affordable Care Act (ACA)
If you have insurance, you are more likely to...
Seek ongoing,
preventive care.
Use a regular doctor, not the ER.
Get care
your health becomes a crisis.
Survive a trauma,
Miss less work and school.
Good health is the foundation of a good life.
But not all Virginians can participate in those benefits:
844,000 Virginians are uninsured.
Employed in jobs that don't offer insurance.
Many lost their jobs in the recession.
Veterans not eligible for V.A. healthcare.
Individuals with disabilities.
"I'm a diabetic and cannot afford a lot of my medicine...I just go from day to day".
"I only go to the doctor when I'm extremely, extremely sick... because I just can't afford it".
Make healthcare affordable for all Americans.
Reduce the cost of insurance for small businesses.
Protect patients from being denied coverage.
Work in conjunction with Medicare and Medicaid for a continuum of care.
Why do we need healthcare reform?
U.S. healthcare spending has risen rapidly.
Growing population of retirees and
Uncompensated care=
$69.2 million/year.

Access to healthcare has become...
The ACA extends
good health
to all Americans.
The Affordable Care Act
Dependent children up to 26 can now stay on their parents' policy.
You may find more information at
Since 2010
It is now illegal for insurance companies to...
Starting January 2014
Who will be affected?
Individuals not in compliance...
You may choose to keep the insurance policy you already have.....
What kind of care will be included?
Medicaid Expansion in Virginia
Please contact MIRC and
voice your support for
Medicaid expansion
Current Medicaid coverage vs coverage if expanded
Medicaid expansion will provide a
safety net
Without Medicaid expansion
Many Virginians will fall through the gap...
The Medicare Part D "donut hole" is gradually being closed.
Since 2010
Deny coverage to children with pre-existing conditions.
Apply a lifetime cap if you get sick.
Cancel your coverage if you get sick.
Raise premiums significantly with no reason.
Most Americans will be required to
have health insurance.
Starting January 2014
What is the
Health Insurance Marketplace?
Includes private,
Virginia insurers.
The Marketplace
The Marketplace
The Marketplace
Members of Congress
purchase insurance
from the
The Marketplace
Online site that allows you
to compare many
different policies
in one place.
Many in the middle
class will qualify for
tax credits/subsidies

for the premiums.
The Marketplace
Open to American
citizens under 65 and
small businesses
(less than 50
October 2013.
January 2014.
The Marketplace
Assistance available in
your community
through the
Navigator Program.
The Marketplace
Preventive and wellness services.
Maternity and newborn care.
Behavioral health and substance abuse treatment.
Prescription drugs.
Rehabilitative services and devices.
Dental and vision care for children.
Virginia currently ranks
near the bottom of all states
per capita Medicaid spending
enrollment criteria.
The ACA recommends expanding Medicaid to cover more low-income Virginians.
Virginians would be
People for whom
1 health crisis
could lead to...
Making too much to qualify for the current Medicaid program and too little to qualify for the Marketplace.
Why does Medicaid expansion make sense?
The economic impact
of Medicaid expansion
from 2014-2019 in VA will be
$3.9 billion and
30,000 new jobs.
4 times
the impact of NOT expanding.
Why does Medicaid expansion make sense?
If Virginia chooses not to expand Medicaid, we will still pay taxes to fund expansion in other states - with none of the benefits.
chronic conditions
at all ages.
will pay a penalty similar to
uninsured motorist fees.
or shop for a new one
Patient protections in place for everyone.
All Virginians
pay for that.
a privilege of
the wealthy.
The Health Insurance Marketplace.
and be engaged with our
families and communities.
and many
chronic conditions.
heart attack,
for some of our
most vulnerable

Federal government
will pay 100% of the cost of expansion
for 3 years, then reduce gradually.
Starting in 2020, the Federal Government
will never pay less than 90%

of the cost of expansion.
Currently, Virginia and the Federal government
split the cost of Medicaid
Why does
Medicaid expansion
make sense?
The General Assembly's
Medicaid Innovation and
Reform Commission
(MIRC) is now
For more information on
healthcare reform:

Since 2011
80% of your premium must now be spent on your health -- not insurance company profit.
ACA provisions
already in effect
Currently in VA
: A family of 3
must earn

less than $5,859 per year
to qualify for Medicaid.
If that working parent gets a raise or finds a better-paying job, the family loses its healthcare coverage.
This double bind actually
Currently in VA: working adults without dependent children are ineligible to recieve Medicaid.
Medicaid expansion would extend coverage
to more low-income Virginians.
Current Medicaid coverage vs coverage if expanded
With expansion, a family of 3 with an income up to $26,951 would be eligible for healthcare.
The Marketplace
Current Medicaid
Presentation prepared by
Virginia Organizing,
Empower Hampton Roads, and
Virginia Interfaith Center

Starting January 2015
Who will be affected?
Businesses with more than 50 full-time employees will be required to offer health insurance.
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