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english Jamie Oliver

BBQ video

jasmine Linsdell

on 19 October 2012

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Transcript of english Jamie Oliver


WHY? Jamie uses Elision in his language such as when he says 'Y'know'. This emphasizes his laziness and his lack of spoken language. Oliver also uses micro pauses and pauses in his spoken language. Such as when he says 'bein' outside (.) the smells (.) wood'. These pauses give the viewer the effect that the things he is saying are more spontaneous and informal and this supports his laid back and relaxed attitude. Spoken Language Features Olivers accent is strong within the clip. For example he says ''o' instead of 'to'. This shows his glottle stop which is associated with mental laziness and links in with his relaxed attitude as mentioned before. Also this shows the viewer that he is approachable and friendly as he does not care too much about his own language features. Spoken Language We think that Jamie wants the younger generation (35 or below) to view his shows. We think this due to his choice of slang and childish phrases. For example he says 'give it a little bit'o blow blow'. His Choice of words here shows off his estuary accent which is usually makes the person seem like a normal, friendly and gives them the impression of a chilled out character. Audience Jamie uses a lot of gestures when he speaks.For example he uses a lot of flourishes. This shows his very calm and carefree attitude because if someone was not very calm or relaxed they would have very strong and slightly aggressive gestures. Also Jamies eyes are very wide which shows his excitement and passion for his profession. Non-verbal features CULINARY TERMS! SIMILARITIES Slang phrases spontaneous Conclusion we think Jamie Oliver is a very down to earth and approachable person.
On the other hand he is irritating and unprofessional. He is a chef that we don't feel we would go to for classy recipes, Although he comes across very immature we all know he isn't and we don't know why you would want to hide the fact you are clever. Do you?
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