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First Day of CLASS

Welcome to Art

Jessica Azyaded

on 26 August 2017

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Transcript of First Day of CLASS

photo (cc) Malte Sörensen @ flickr
Visual Arts Class
Be on time and prepared to work.
Listen, follow instructions and work hard.
Keep your hands feet and any objects to yourself.
Do not discuss inappropriate subjects or use obscene language
Always treat others with respect.
Classroom Rules
Be responsible for your own learning
Try your best
Have a positive attitude
Encourage others
Use your time wisely
Have materials ready
Follow directions the first time they are given
Keep the art room clean
What does the teacher expect from me?
1.  1st Offense:  Warning-Redirect; Document on Review 360
2.  2nd Offense:  Teacher/Student Conference; Parent Notification; Document on Review 360
3.  3rd Offense:  Team ITS/Counselor Referral; Document on Review 360
4.  4th Offense:  Team/Parent Conference; Document on Review 360
5.  5th Offense:  Office Referral; Document on Review 360

 Tardy Policy: 

Tardy #1 through Tardy #4 - Parents will be contacted and tardy documented.
Tardy #5 – Office Referral.

1 week to bring them
Name on all supplies
Place them on a BOX
Be prepared to class
Always have your pencil
Take care of all supplies
Failure to prepare is preparing for failure
Art Supplies
Teacher: Ms. Arriaga
Room: B110

No cellphones, food or drinks are allowed in class.
No passes the first 15 minutes of class or the last 15 minutes of class.
Do not talk when someone is speaking over the intercom or when the teacher is speaking.
Always RESPECT your Teacher
What else do I need to know?
How will I be graded ?
Classroom Participation
Daily Work
Social/Communication Skills
Art Projects
Art Portfolio
Advanced Artists

Classroom Procedures
Entering the classroom
Walk in courteously and sit in your assign seat.
Teacher Demonstration
Do not speak when the teacher is talking
Raise your hand to participate in classroom discussions.
Classroom Procedures
Art Studio Time
Use your time wisely
Focus on creating art
Raise your hand or give a signal for help.
Clean Up (5-10 Min.)
Put all materials away
Clean your area
Dismissal by row call
2013 BISD

Required Art Supply List
1. Set of Pencils
2. Color Pencils
3. Color Markers
4. Eraser
5. Sharpener with cover
6. Ruler
7. Small bottle of Soap
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