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Louis Pasteurtitle


Stephen Wilson

on 20 November 2009

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Transcript of Louis Pasteurtitle

Louis Pasteur Background:
He was born in France in 1822. He studied chemistry and biology, taking charge of science at Lille university in 1834. It was his reputation as a top chemist that first led one of Lille's top wine producers to go to pasteur for help Who is he:
He was born in france in 1822.
In the 1850's Pasteur became a
french scientist. He had proven
that germs were all around us
and some of them could be
harmful. What he did:
Pasteur had proven that germs
were all around us... and some
of them could be harmful and
cause disease. But Pasteur was
a chemist and not a doctor. All
of his experiments were carried
out on liquids such as beer,
milk, wine or silkworms.
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