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How cheerleading has changed over time

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Carney Woodhull

on 4 June 2014

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Transcript of How cheerleading has changed over time

The uniforms in 1920 where long wool skirts down to the ankle and sweaters with the school's logo on it. Canvas sneakers eventually replaced by saddle shoes in the 1950s. In 1960s the sweaters weren't as heavy and the skirts where shortened down to the knee. Today the skirt is generally no longer than 12 to 14 inches for tumbling safety reasons.
Competitions and skill level
Competitions have changed a lot. In the beginning of cheerleading it was just a group that cheered for basketball and football games. In 1960's the International Cheerleading Association was created. It started an annual cheerleading tradition of judging the top collages and rewarding the winning team. By the late 1990s cheerleading gyms started opening and many more cheerleading competitions where being created.
The skill level has become a lot more complex. The basket toss was created in 1979 and has been improved and become what it is today. In 1976 the first official cheerleading stunt was showed to young competitors, it was called a liberty but was nicknamed a lib. In the late 1990s cheerleading routines started making full music routines and adding much harder tumbling.
Injuries have increased a lot since cheerleading and tumbling have become much harder. In 1980 about 5,000 injuries were reported and last year about 21,000 injuries were reported. From 1998-1999 cheerleading injuries where about 6x more then football players.•The National Center for Catastrophic Sports Injury Research at the University of North Carolina reports that 65.2% of all catastrophic injuries in youth sports occur in cheerleading.From 1982 to 2006, 45 major injuries occurred during high school cheerleading events, with two of those injuries leading to deaths
Wednesday, June 4th 2014
Vol XCIII, No. 311
Random fun facts
Cheerleading has changed a lot over time. Its uniforms have improved and evolved into what they are today. The competition and skill level has also become much harder and more complex, causing many more injuries.
Most cheerleaders are gymnasts and only about 12% are dancers.
•Cheerleading is about 115 years old. On November 2, 1898, Johnny Campbell lead the first cheerleaders at an University of Minnesota football game.
•In the 1900's megaphones came into play and the Pom Poms were invented in the 1930's
There are usually 4 people in a stunt group the flyer is in the air, 2 bases which hold the flyer in the air an a back-spot helps support the bases and flyer.
There are at least 4 million cheerleaders in 31 countries
97% of all cheerleaders are female
3% of all cheerleaders are male.
the most common cheerleading injury is a broken arm
80% of all schoools have a cheerleading squads
How Cheerleading has Changed over Time
Just a little bit before we start.
Cheerleading was originally an all male sport. On November 2ND, 1898 Johnnny Campbell was the first person to lead a cheer at the Minnesota football game. Cheerleading also used to be called a "yell squad".
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