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HIT5327 Unit 3, Team Purple - VoIP Services

No description

Kae R

on 24 September 2012

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Transcript of HIT5327 Unit 3, Team Purple - VoIP Services

Home/Office VoIP Mobile VoIP Computer Based VoIP Representing Telephone Numbers and VoIP Services HIT5327 - Unit 3
Team Purple Traditional Phone Numbers Examples: Vonage, PhonePower, ViOPo
Utilizes traditional phone numbers - can chose your own (if available), be assigned one, or keep your previous number.
A phone number does not necessarily reflect traditional pattern of area-localization-individual for phone numbers, or the user's physical location.
Service works through an adapter between the phone and internet source, with no traditional phone line required.
Service usually requires a subscription (monthly or by minute usage sets). 0-111-222-3456 0 = country code, a specific country
111 = area code, a specific geographic area (ie- a city)
222 = specific switch code, localization within area code (that is usually carrier specific also), but today can often be carried to new areas when moving locations (ie - a neighborhood or street)
3456 = line number, specific to one exact location (ie- a house number) Examples: Fring, Jajah, and Truphone
The telephone number displayed can either be of the service provider’s servers or of the individual’s telephone—neither may be representative of an individual’s actual location as it would be in traditional phone numbers.
Works through a software application downloaded to the end user’s smartphone.
A data plan is required from a cell service provider.
Call quality not reliable as the connection is dependent on the wireless service provider.
Some interoperability and compatibility issues are still outstanding, including trouble using the 9-1-1 services.
Geolocation services are not available through mobile VoIP. Traditional telephone numbers represent a specific physical location, but not always a specific person.
Cell phone numbers reflect a specific person, but do not necessarily represent their location.
VoIP Service numbers/screen often reflect an individual person more than their physical location.
An individual may have many different identifiers that represent them - VoIP numbers, telephone numbers, cell phone numbers, VoIP user names, physical addresses, etc.
Though an individual may use many different phone numbers/screen names to represent themselves to others, a computer will identify each as a distinctly different entity. Examples: Skype, Oovoo, iChat
Works through a software application downloaded to the end user’s computer which transmits over the internet.
May or may not require a subscription or additional cost - for example, many allow communication between users in the same program for free, but communication to different programs or to phone numbers requires a fee/subscription.
Most VoIP’s have usernames instead of phone numbers, which give no designation of the physical location of the user.
Users may chose to identify their physical location in their profile within the application, but it is not required. What do telephone numbers and ViOP numbers/user names represent? References Benson, T. (2012). Chapter 2: Why interoperability is hard. In T. Benson, Principles of health interoperability: HL7 and SNOMED (2nd ed., pp. 21-32). London: Springer-Verlag.

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