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ADWR Water Conservation Best Management Practices

No description

Jorge Cano

on 19 October 2015

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Transcript of ADWR Water Conservation Best Management Practices

Water Conservation BMP Categories
1. Public Awareness
2. Education & Training
3. Outreach Services
4. Physical System Improvements
5. Tariffs, Ordinances, Conditions of Service
6. Rebates & Incentives
7. Research & Innovation
1980 Groundwater Code
"…Arizona’s water planning leaders are committed to continuing to be proactive in
developing and

enhancing conservation
and reuse opportunities as well as developing new water supplies….."
ADWR Conservation Page
Coconino Plateau Water Advisory Council
and Watershed Partnership
May 29, 2015

Ruth Greenhouse & Einav Henenson
Water Conservation Best Management Practices
1. Background & Regulations
2. Water Conservation BMPs
3. Components of Successful Programs
4. Water Conservation Resources
ADWR Conservation
Municipal GPCD & Population
1. Public Awareness
3. Outreach
5. Tariffs,
Conditions of Service
7. Research & Innovation
4. Physical
System Improvements
6. Rebates &
2. Youth & Adult Education
Regional Partnerships
of a Successful
Conservation Program
Sample Utility Bill Stuffers by EPA
Table in Water Conservation Related Events
Add a Water Conservation Page to Your Website
Billboards and Signs
Water Conservation Brochures, Booklets, and Other Educational Materials
A Training Program for Landscape Professionals
Water Audits
Landscape Requirements, No Water Waste, Plumbing Code, Water recycling Car Wash, Watering Restrictions, etc....
Low Water Use Appliances
From Turf to Xeriscape Rebates
Applied Research or emerging Technologies...
Arizona Water Awareness
Xeriscape Demonstration Gardens
Vehicle Wrap
ADWR Water Vision with Action
Find more: epa.gov/WaterSense/partners/partner_website.html
Available also online: http://www.smarthomewaterguide.org
No Water Waste!
in non-residential places
Some factors to consider when selecting a BMP:
Lead By Example!
Water Efficient Appliances
Water Conservation in Public Areas
**Consider this:
Community Assessment
Size Limit for Water Features
Water Recycling Car Wash
Community Characteristics
Program Effectiveness
a Conservation Program
a BMP that fits Community
BMP Matrix
ADWR Conservation Toolkit
Smart Controllers for example
Scottsdale Chaparral Park Xeriscape Garden
two 10,000 gl. Tanks, Cochise College, Sierra Vista
From Lawn to Artificial Turf, Sierra Vista City Hall
Ed Lydic Memorial Xeriscape Garden, Gila Community College, Payson
Glendale Library & xeriscape garden
Make even a bigger Impact!
Meter Repair Shop
BMPs Helpful Handouts
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