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Public Relations 101: The Basics of "Earned Advertising" - Ann Marie Mayuga - AMM Communications

Instructor: Ann Marie Mayuga, Owner and Partner, AMM Communications. Public Relations Marketing & Training -Using the media to spread the word about your business to clients and prospects is crucial. It isn't paid advertising. It is public relations.

Ed Mayuga

on 21 August 2014

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Transcript of Public Relations 101: The Basics of "Earned Advertising" - Ann Marie Mayuga - AMM Communications

Public Relations 205:
The Basics of "Earned Advertising"

Enterprise University Course 205 - Fall 2013
Ann Marie Mayuga - Owner/Partner, AMM Communications
My husband, Ed, and I founded AMM Communications in 2008...
We are Public Relations Marketing & Training of St. Louis, Missouri
And we were voted as one of the Top 25 PR Firms in St. Louis by Small Business Monthly in 2010, 2011,
2012 and 2013
We are PR Consultants in the areas of business development, content marketing, crisis communications, internal communications, marketing, media relations, reputation management, and social media.
We know how to get the right message in front of the right audience
using the most effective medium.
We work with small to mid-sized companies, not-for-profits, and government entities nationwide.
Overview of Today's Course
1) What is Public Relations?
2) The Message - Every Company Has a Story!
3) Defining Your Story
4) Identifying Your Audience
6) Communicating Your Story
7) Understanding the (Social) Media Tools
5) Dissecting the "Pitch"
9) Wrap Up / Q&A
1) What is Public Relations?
2) The Message - Every Company Has a Story!
3) Defining Your Story
4) Identifying Your Audience
6) Communicating Your Story
7) Understanding Social Media Tools
5) Dissecting the "Pitch"
9) Wrap Up / Q&A
Thank You! Here is my contact information:
Ann Marie Mayuga
Principal, AMM Communications

e-mail: annmarie@ammcommunications.com
LinkedIn: http://linkedin.com/in/ammayuga
Facebook: http://facebook.com/ammayuga
Fan Page: http://facebook.com/ammcommunications
Twitter: @ammayuga and @stlpr

My goal today is for you to leave this course with at least 3 ideas to implement tomorrow!
PR communicates strengths to target audiences
Public relations is a discipline of marketing
Through PR, you can enhance credibility
PR increases awareness
How would PR effectively communicate your company's story?
It starts with understanding why reporters, bloggers, writers, etc would cover a story about your product or service
Then, it is important to cultivate a relationship with a journalist.
And, most important, positioning yourself as a credible source!
Do your homework. Approach members of the media when you have studied their work, know your target audience and have a good idea of your target audience's preferred media outlets (online, print, TV, radio)
What does your company do, manufacture, create etc. better than anyone else?
Do you have an innovative approach to solving a common problem?
Have you created jobs during the past several years in this economy?
Or have you been able to be profitable and expand, despite the downturn?
Or maybe you have overcome a difficult obstacle
If so, how can you summarize these concepts into a simple idea to communicate to reporters and the general public?
Who would want to know about your product or service?
Why would they care about your product or service?
What media outlets are people reading, watching and listening?
How do they consume most of their information?
8) Tying It All Together
This is Baxter and Bonaparte...
Office Pets
What is a current story idea?
What do you think would be of interest to the reporter?
Think in terms of interest to the reader/viewer/listener
Be a credible source!
It's all about the integrated message -
one message using multiple media outlets
How does your product or service meet the needs of customers or clients?
Every company must have an online presence to promote its brand, and take responsibility for communicating wherever its audience may be
Tools You Can Use
Press Release Distribution Services
Editorial Calendars
1) Planned content
2) Regular features
3) Knowing the media outlet
4) Advertising kit
Press Releases
An Inverted Pyramid
Keep it short! - 400-500 words is ideal
Body = Lead + Details + Tagline
Offer information to act upon
This is what we reviewed today...
1) What is Public Relations?
2) The Message - Every Company Has a Story!
3) Defining Your Story
4) Identifying Your Audience
5) Dissecting the Pitch
6) Communicating Your Story
7) Understanding (Social) Media Tools
Under normal circumstances, though, "Content is King!"
In a Crisis Communications situation, like the BP Oil Spill,
Social Media is the most important communications tool
You must engage customers while being authentic, real and sincere
It's OK to make a mistake, just admit it
Utilize convergence power - Information is delivered across multiple platforms
Align internally - Make sure everyone knows your key messages before taking it to the social media channels
So what is newsworthy?
A new hire announcement, office move, community involvement, etc. You create the news.
Other newsworthy ideas:
Associate promotion, new contract, industry award, rebranding campaign, web site redesign etc...
Important Social Media Tools
YouTube Broadcasts
Social Media Press Releases
Media Outlets
Media Familiarization Meetings
None of these strategies and tactics matter if you don't have a Clear, Concise, Consistent and Credible Message!
Anatomy of a Press /
Social Media Release
Your Logo
Contact Information
Sub-headline (if necessary)
Location in parenthesis
Lead paragraph - Most important! Under 100 words
Body - usually 3-4 paragraphs
Tagline - Similar to your company's elevator speech
Endmark - ### that are centered
The ideal press release is one page, double spaced, and 500 words or less
(This does not include earnings releases)
8) Tying it all together
Before we begin, tell me "What's On Your Mind?" (as it relates to marketing and PR)
And Public Relations is a key tactic in the implementation of a Content Marketing strategy.
“Content Marketing is owning, as opposed to renting media. It’s a marketing process to attract and retain customers by consistently creating and curating content in order to change or enhance a consumer behavior.” - Joe Pulizzi of the Content Marketing Institute
For more information on Content Marketing, please sign up for Ed's courses:

209 - DIY Marketing - Intermediate: Business Promotion through Social Media
217 - DIY Marketing - Advanced: Business Promotion through Content Marketing
Now as an exercise, please pair up!
Each person writes down 3 newsworthy items about their business
Discuss those three ideas with a partner
The partner asks questions about the three items
The partner decides which is most interesting to them and tells the business owner why
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