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Homework at AHS

A guide for the Year 6's to homework at AHS

Gul Kaur

on 5 June 2014

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Transcript of Homework at AHS

Homework- A 7M presentation at AHS
What is homework like here?
People before coming here, generally think that the homework here is awfully difficult but this is not true. All our homework is based on what you did in the lesson OR the lesson before and often, it is not due for the next day so you have time to do it! In Year 7, you usually get on average 2 pieces a day, sometimes none at all! Not all the homework you are given is the same difficulty level so you won't have to spend the same amount of time on each part (each piece should take you half an hour and no longer).
We have planners, which you record your homework and other general notes in. This is really helpful- if you make good use of it, you will be organised and up-to-date with homework (and just to let all of you know, each week you will need to get your planner signed by your parents ready for your teacher to see in form time). You will receive a timetable of your subjects and what homework you'll get each day. Make sure you don't get week A muddled with week B (Bethan did it once and ended up at Drama when she was mean't to be in L4L)!
Like ay other new thing, AHS may turn out to be tough to handle but you will soon settle down, make new friends and adjust to the

We all hope you enjoyed our presentation on how to cope with your homework through out AHS.
Thank you for listening to our presentation and good luck in Year 7!
Homework at AHS
Being organised
Our advice... How to cope...
Hi, we are Gul, Zahra, Arianna, Bethan and Anna! We are in 7M (Missenden-THE best house in existence) at AHS. Congratulations on getting into Aylesbury High School You're obviously bright enough to get into this school (just to clarify- this school is
for girls so boys...keep out of this)!

However, you are almost definitely worrying about homework. Don't worry, we were too. This presentation is going to give you advice from us, in that situation and help you tackle that problem!

Out of the whole of our class (30 people) 28 of them thought the homework would be harder than it actually is now.

We have prepared a short video explaining how to cope with homework throughout this school (it will take a while to start viewing it, though so be patient!). But dont worry our video does exaggerate a lot about detention, you probably wont even get a homework mark in your first week!

But make sure you are like Arianna not like Gul this way you will never be recorded on sims (Even though she never has been, really)!

Also make sure you revise for tests so you get a good mark! But also dont go over the top as, as teachers say year sevens are always eager to do a lot remember a mark is just a line on a piece of paper.
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