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Presidential Cabinet Project

I am designing a White house cabinet by culling past politicians, cartoon characters, and characters from books and movi

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Transcript of Presidential Cabinet Project

President Cabinet of President Kevin Murali Secretary of State
Russell Peters Secretary of Defense
Butler (From Artemis Fowl) Secretary of Health and Human Services
Franklin D. Roosevelt Secretary of the Treasury
Warren Buffett Attorney General
Scooby Doo White House Interim Chief of Staff Bill Daley Director of Office of Management and Budget Pam Beesly Responsibilities The Secretary of State formulates most of the U.S. foreign policy according to the president's views. He/she has to also maintain strong mutual relationships with other countries. This secretary has to implement the policies of the president through the state department and the Foreign service of the United States. Biography Responsiblities The Secretary of Defense is the main advisor to the president about military tactics and operations. He/she holds a lot of power over the department of defense and develops the defense policy against foreign countries. Biography Butler is the bodyguard to Artemis Fowl. He has a gigantic stature and performs many duties to Artemis Fowl other than being his caretaker such as cooking, advising to him, etc. He is basically a one-man army to Artemis and accompanies him on his various trips to meet fairies. Butler has faced many obstacles in his life but he will always persevere. Reasoning I would like to appoint Butler from Artemis Fowl. He is a cunning, burly character with a variety of talents. He would be very good at advising the president about military actions and developing programs to make the army better equipped (mentally and physically). Butler is a very loyal man, and he would never betray the president as he would have to Artemis Fowl. But he also knows how to maintain peace when it is necessary and negotiate. Responsibilities The main responsibility of this office is to carry out the president’s vision through the budget. There are two sides that the director of this office has to handle. On one side he must assess how efficient the government is managing its own duties and works on jobs such as reducing paperwork. He must also manage bills coming from Congress in order to maintain consistency. Overall, he has to review all significant Federal regulations by the various agencies and departments. On the other side, the director of Office of Management and Budget must make sure the budget is being designed and modified with the president’s view. Responsibilities This department has the task of promoting good health in Americans and treating those who are suffering from illnesses. The secretary has to develop programs that assist those who need health care and are in poverty, or are most vulnerable to dangerous diseases. Biography Franklin Delano Roosevelt was born to an affluent family on January 30, 1882. He was a very sickly boy as a child, but he improved his health and studied hard. He attended Harvard University and started dabbling in politics. He eventually became elected as the governor of New York. He ran for vice president beside James Cox. Although he lost, many people recognized his ablility to articulate his viewpoints persuasively. He developed polio after this, and then he became the first president to be elected with a serious pysical disabillity. He was voted at a crucial time when America need him; during the Great Depression. He created many programs to employ citizens out of work. Reasons
As a president Franklin D. Roosevelt composed many programs to improve the welfare of the American people. America was suffering a lot during the Great Depression and Franklin Roosevelt solved many of the nation’s problems with ingenuity. Franklin D. Roosevelt wouldn’t let young men lose their jobs and watch their families starve. He sent them to the Civilian Conservation Corps and made them build parks and preserve natual wonders. This benefited both the people and the environment. He also generously donated to medical research centers. He has sympathy for those in emergency rooms because he suffered a life-threatening disease himself. Fraklin D. Roosevelt signed the Social Security Act, which is by far the most important human services program in the United States. It provides assistance to the elderly, unemployed, widows, and others who are just not able to help themselves. Responsibilities
The Secretary of the Treasury makes many important decisions which impact the financial stability of the United States. He/she advises the president in how to improve the economy and operates much of the production of coins and currency. The secretary of the treasury has to be able to communicate well because relationships with foreign governments and international financial institutions affect the value of the currency. Managing the public debt and enforcing laws regarding money (counterfeiting) are other huge duties of the secretary. Biography Warren Buffett was not born into fame or a rich family. But he did enjoy saving money and accumulating profits by selling Coca-Cola, gum, and magazines as a child. He loved to dabble around the stock market and bought a few stocks when studying high school. He continued to make many side-investments when working for influential people such as Ben Graham. He supported a family of 5 after marrying Susan Thomson. After marriage Buffett started controlling many partnerships and this number grew to seven. He invested heaviliy in the textile company Berkshire Hathaway. As a millionaire Warren Buffett started buying shares in huge corporations and taking over some of them as a result. He used a very effective method of buying and selling stocks. He used the overall changes in the market to his own benefit while maintaining a large margin of safety. He continued to invest a lot and in 2008 was proclaimed as the wealthiest person of the year. Warren Buffett would serve as an outstanding secretary of the treasury because of his experiences with money and investments. He currently holds a significant portion of America’s money and would advise the president in using the country’s economic fluctuations to its benefit. His financial decision making has been almost flawless. Buffet would be an ideal person to communicate with other financial institutions; he took public speaking as a college student and even taught people older than him. He would advise the public on how to advantageously invest in stocks. Warren Buffett does not only support the rich, he says he will donate 99% of his money to philanthropic causes before his death. Reasons Responsibilities The Attorney General has many different responsibilities. He/she is the chief lawyer of the United States and the chief law-enforcement officer. Advising the president on enforcement of the law is another important duty. Biography Russell Peters was born to two Anglo-Indian parents in Toronto, Canada. He never realized his true talent until after high school when he became a stand-up comedian. He has the uncanny ability to find the shortcomings of people from different races and portray them in a funny way. He often mimics voices from various cultures (such as Indians) to give his audiences a hardy laugh. From 2008-2010 he earned almost $25 million, making him one of the highest-paid comedians. Reasons
Scooby is very good at decision-making and will only agree to a deal when he finds his beneficial. Sometimes Velma tells him to distract a ghost for one Scooby snack. Scooby Doo bargains with her so that he can get three or more Scooby snacks. Scooby’s experience with solving mysteries will make him a good lawyer. He is also used to tracking down clues against criminals; law-enforcement is a major part of being an attorney general. Responsibilities The chief of staff is like a co-president who assists the president in his day to day activities. He monitors the people who visit the oval office and all press information which may flow in. He selects people who will be beneficial for the White House staff and oversees them. Many of his duties depend on the president’s specific needs. He is one of the closest advisors to the president on almost all issues. If the president does not have time to solely handle every single problem, the Chief of Staff will negotiate with congress and extra-governmental individuals. Biography Pam Beesly is a receptionist for the Dunder Mifflin paper company under the supervision of Michael Scott. She is sometimes miserable at various situations and has a very realistic outlook on life. Eventually she falls in love with Jim and marries him. Her day-to-day tasks include taking phone calls and making faxes. Pam Beesly has a lot of experience working as a receptionist and has many personal experiences with her boss, Michael Scott. She could pursue a similar relationship with the president. Even when the workload becomes very heavy she tries to manage as best as she can, and she maintains good connections with people. She would effectively communicate with Congress when necesssary. Scooby Doo is a dog in part of a gang which solves mysteries. They often fall into a mystery when traveling somewhere where there is a person dressed as a supernatural creature to scare people away. Scooby is kind of cowardly when it comes to ghosts and he is afraid of the supernatural in general. But he loves food, and he will do almost anything if Scooby snacks are a reward. The rest of his gang includes Velma, Daphne, Fred, and Shaggy. They are super sleuths as well, but Scooby is usually the one who unmasks the villain. Reasons Russell Peters would make a great secretary of state because his experiences with many foreign cultures and traditions. He has traveled around the world and knows all the gaffes of foreign countries and would only use them to show that the United States is not pleased with them. His lighthearted mood and worldly experiences would be useful in assisting the president create his foreign policy and implementing it. Biography Bill Daley is just one of those popular people who has a great deal of experience in dealing with business and the American republic. He was the Secretary of Commerce to president Bill Clinton and the campaign chairman for Al Gore. He has served on many corporate, academic and medical boards and has very varied sources of knowledge. Reasons Bill Daley has a lot of economic experience from working under JP Morgan Chase. In a current economic crisis, Daley would be very useful in advising the president on how to improve the American finance. He has a lot of prior political experience and as President Obama says, "He has a deep understanding of how jobs are created." He is someone who will bring the proper opinions and people to the Oval Office. Bill Daley would be appropriate to keep in the cabinet. Reasons Other Equivalent Positions and Bonuses Secretary of Housing and Urban Development
Squidward Tentacles Secretary of Agriculture
Dwight Schrute Responsibilities The Secretary of Agriculture has a huge impact on the quality of the food and services provided in the United States. He has to provide nutritious food for the American people (1 in 5 were being provided services in 2009) while conserving natural resources. Rural farmers do not always receive the same quality of life as their city couterparts and the secretary has to give them equal benefits. Dwight Schrute is the leading salesman for the Dunder Mifflin
Paper Company in the TV show The Office. He cares
vehemently for things which he believes in; this includes
his farm, his job, and his crazy material obsessions. Dwight leads
a very abnormal life and does not have many friends. Michael
Scott supports him because Dwight always sucks up to him but
Jim always pokes fun at Dwight's antics. Dwight knows the importance of food to the American people. He lives on his own beet farm and so he has worked hard and can sympathize with farmers who feel like their benefits are minimal. Dwight would be good at emphasizing his opinions on how food must be properly grown or manufactured and sold to the president. Secretary of Energy
Nicola Tesla Responsibilities
The secretary must oversee all government programs which were implemented to produce energy. He must also manage any nuclear wastes created from fission plants or the building of nuclear weapons. Responsibilities
The secretary of housing and urban development must ensure that Americans are being provided affordable homes. He must also advance the development of communities and make sure all people are being offered equal opportunity for homes. Biography Squidward Tentacles is a six-legged squid who lives under the sea beside an annoying sea-sponge, Spongebob. Squidward is always trying to come with ways to get rid of Spongebob and these are always futile. But Spongebob and Patrick are always obnoxious and somewhat lacking of common sense. Squidward works for the Krusty Krabbs under the stingy Mr. Krabbs, who wouldn't even pay a penny to see this. He enjoys practicing on his clarinet for long hours and being creative artistically. Reasons Squidward would make a good secretary of housing and urban development
because he has very realistic views which would lead to very realistic prices
on houses. He betters his own community by trying to drive Spongebob away.
Squidward's architechtural and artistic abilities would also be useful in
advising the president on which housing reform bills to consider. Nicola Tesla was born on January 9, 1956 in Croatia and studied at Gratz Polytechnic. He moved to the United States and worked under Thomas Edison for a while. But they inevitably became rivals due to conflicted interests and Tesla came up with the amazing idea on how to create alternating current. He sold his idea to George Westinghouse who implemented it in power plants and which became the base of producing current. Edison's idea of using direct current eventually ran out of business. After this Tesla continued to do research on x-rays, high voltage electricity, and lots of other stuff. Reason Reasoning
Nicola Tesla has first-hand experiences with the science
in energy and possesses good judgement on how to use
renewable sources to produce electricity.Tesla would
advise the president really well on how to use nuclear
energy effectively as well. THE END
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