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Lisa MacLachlan

on 6 March 2014

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Transcript of Journalism

Thursday, March 6, 2014
Vol XCIII, No. 311
Google Glass
Coding in Journalism
How will the future of journalism be affected by algorithms writing stories?

Do you think it is useful if journalists know how to code?
"This conquest over nature had led to the building of what Max Weber called the 'the tremendous cosmos of the modern economic order.'" (209)
Do you think that the expansion of technology, like google glass and coding, is a formation of another "modern economic order?"
Do you think there are any privacy or safety concerns?
In what ways will they affect the future of news reporting?
"The doctrine of 'manifest destiny' embraced a belief in American Anglo-Saxon superiority...Walt Whitman exclaimed: 'We pant to see our country and its rule far-reaching'" (164)

How can you relate the idea of manifest destiny to the digital world today?
"The nation that makes no onward progress...that wastes its treasures wantonly-- that cherishes not its resources--such a nation will burn out....will become the easy prey of the more adventurous enemy" (164)
Do you think we have a responsibility to continue the advancement of technology or will we reach an end point?

Do you think
the use of algorithms
have a postive
or negative impact
on the job market?

Other than
journalism, what
other jobs are being
affected? Has it gone
too far?
Algorithms taking our jobs?
(start a 3:00)
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