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Shamanism: Ulchi Peoples

A general overview of the Ulchi People in Siberia, and their Shamanism

Christoph Sawyer

on 9 December 2013

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Transcript of Shamanism: Ulchi Peoples

Shamanism: Ulchi Peoples
Christoph Sawyer

The People
"Reindeer People"
~2,913 Ulchi (est. 2002)
Language (-1,000)
The Land
Ulchesky Region: Russia
The Resources
Red Salmon
Hardwood Forests
Russian Far East (Maritime Province)
Healing, Predicting the Future, Misfortune, Offerings, Retrieve Souls
The Heavens (Ba)
The Middleworld (Taiga)
The Lowerworld (Bunee)
Whole Village Participates
Bridge to Spirit World
Malee (altar)
Saiven (spirit house)
Siberian Larch
The Bear Festival
Uninfluenced by Christian ideas
"The elders believe that as increasingly large numbers of people today neglect the rituals required by the spirits and forget to give thanks, they encounter not only personal consequences but consequences of a more global nature"
Ulchi Shamanism in the United States
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