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Comic book nation

No description

david barnes

on 25 August 2014

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Transcript of Comic book nation

Give me four good examples of the expressive use of line and image from each of your comics. Reproduce them and then describe them. Give me the page numbers. How are they expressive?

Write a short essay describing the overall themes found in the comic series. Try to relate these themes to ideas about the nature of American values and popular culture.

Write a paragraph for each comic explaining it's genre and audience. For example; ARCHIE and VERONICA is in the genre of teen humor and the expected audience would be teens. I know that sounds simplistic but you also have to explain why you have placed the comic in its genre and why you
anticipate that audience.

Draw a pyramid like McCloud's on page 52-53. Designate the range of your comic's use of image and language. Use the examples that McCloud provides on pages 54-55 as a guide. You should have two pyramids; one for each comic. Beneath the pyramids write a paragraph comparing and contrasting your comics…explaining why you placed each where you did.

Chart and graph the panel-to-panel transitions found on four successive pages of your comics. You should create two graphs like the ones found on pages 75-77 of McCloud. In a brief paragraph explain what your charts tell us about the style, sophistication and expectations of the target audience. See McCloud's comments in chapter three for some ideas about making applications.

Unit Two: Aesthetic Analysis the Comic Book as Art
We will read McCloud’s book understanding comics and will apply his ideas to the comparative analysis of a two comic book series.

PRESENTATION: You will present your project in a binder with pockets and either rings or a clamp to hold your presentation. When you turn in your packet make sure that you include a copy of the comic books you are using. You should try to pick comics different in style. You may use the Watchmen as one of the comic series to analyze. It will make your work easier.

COVER PAGE: Should include American Studies 100
Comic Analysis
( your name)
( your section number)
Professor Barnes
Spring 2005

On the first page you should write a general description of both of your comics. You should include all relevant bibliographic information. Write a couple of good descriptive paragraphs for each comic.

Cuneiform scripts - all writing starts as pictograms

April 1 – Chapters 1-6 Quiz
April 8 – Chapters 7-12 Quiz

Aztec Codex

McCloud – Understanding Comics

April 1 – Chapters 1-3
April 8 – Chapters 4-6
April 15 – Chapters 7-9
April 22 – Comic Analysis

Todd McFarlane

Direct marketing …a new beginning

Starting and fighting a war …..

Comic Book Nation
A Snapshot

In the beginning … Action Comics


Thomas Cole –The Voyage of Life
Nature reveals a sublime cycle in which each person’s life tells a story reflected in geography and the passage of time.


The Harlot’s Progress

William Hogarth

Frank Miller

The Dark Knight Returns


Harvey Comics

Charlton Comics

Dell Comics

182 plates

Max Ernst
A Week of Kindness

Old Age





MAD Magazine - William Gaines

Classics Illustrated

The post war crisis …

Wertham – Seduction of the Innocent
Senate Investigation / Comics Code

Entertaining Comics /
Educational Comics
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