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English 2 essay

No description

Tyler Pointer

on 13 November 2014

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Transcript of English 2 essay

English 2 essay
by Tyler Pointer

Are the internet filters too strict at your school?
Thesis statement
I believe that internet filtering is too restrictive in my school.
Reason #2
The filtering software on most schools computers blocks social media sites. “Teachers are frustrated because this makes it hard for them to have a interactive classroom” says Schulten Katherine in the New York Times.
Reason #1
By blocking sites, schools are limiting their students education of the internet. In the world outside of the classroom the students don’t have the filtering on their computer.
At schools across the U.S. "over filtering" is limiting the learning of students and making it difficult for teachers that are trying to make a interactive classroom. Research for a simple history essay becomes almost impossible because of the filters.
Reason #3
The Children and the Internet on the National Conference of State Legislatures site says that “Many schools are “over filtering” sites far beyond the requirements of Children’s Internet Protection Act. A majority of these states only require schools to block access to sexually explicit, obscene or harmful materials.
School officials say that they believe cyber-bullying is avoided when the filters are applied to the computers. Teachers also say that they believe that their are less distractions in the classroom with limited internet access. I say that cyber-bullying happens outside of school too, and teacher should deal with the students causing distractions, not doing their work accordingly.
The internet filters at my school and many other schools are too strict. With less strict filtering/blocking both students and teachers can have a better learning/teaching environment.
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