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Disney Around the World:

No description

Isabel Nackley

on 1 November 2013

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Transcript of Disney Around the World:

Disney Around the World:
When Two Cultures Clash

Disneyland Paris
Disneyland Hong Kong
Disneyland Tokyo
The wall around the Sleeping Beauty castle resembles the Great Wall of China.
These lanterns are traditional of Chinese culture and were used throughout Chinese history.
Folk Culture
Pop Culture
Most restaurants serve European or American food
Snack stands serve American fast food (french fries, chicken nuggets, burgers, etc.)
Most of the rides in Disneyland Hong Kong are exactly like the ones in Disneyworld Florida and Disneyland California.
Hong Kong Disney has its own Dumbo ride, its own High School Musical street performance, and its own Toy Story Land.
There is also a Main Street, U.S.A.
There is a restaurant in Disneyland Hong Kong that serves only traditional Chinese foods (with a slight Disney twist).
Attractions like the Garden of Wonders demonstrate strong Chinese culture. In the Garden of Wonders, there are Disney characters carved out of stone instead of traditional Chinese statues and fountains, and the roller coaster goes through the ride.
Snow White's Grotto is a large cave with water running down the front. There are statues of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs atop the grotto, all carved out of white stone.
Pop Culture
Folk Culture
Folk Culture
Pop Culture
By Isabel, Margaret, Allyson, and Christy
Game Instructions:
Place the cards with the pictures of various Disney attractions or places on the spot that best suits the photo. We will discuss the answers as we present. The team with the most right answers gets candy.
There is also a Main Street, U.S.A. exactly like the ones in the US and Hong Kong.
Halloween is also another holiday celebrated in this park, but it originated in the Western Hemisphere.
Auberge de Cendrillion, one of the traditional French restaurants in Disney Paris, serves dishes like truffle-stuffed quail with bear chutney, roast loin of veal stuffed with mushrooms, and laced morel sauce
The local diversity of Paris is displayed by the unique selection of traditional foods, architecture of the Sleeping Beauty Castle, and holidays celebrated by everyone in the park.
This castle was built upwards to resemble the architecture and structure of today's Japanese homes. These houses are built upwards to accommodate the people of overpopulated cities. While this castle does not outwardly resemble Japanese palaces, it incorporates one of the basic attributes of Japanese culture in housing.
When the Industrial Revolution diffused to Japan, some of the Western architecture followed. This style was heavily incorporated into the Tokyo's Sleeping Beauty Castle, as the castle does not resemble traditional Japanese style.

There is a Polynesian restaurant only accessible to those who speak Japanese.
This castle has traditional French detailing, stone, window decor, trim, and a moat. The stone at the base of this structure also suggests strong French roots. Many French castles have this style of architecture, so Disney designed a castle with these attributes but with a Western Disney twist.
There is no alcohol served in Tokyo Disney.
Most food served here is American or European food.
Café Orléans has food served in New Orleans recreated in Tokyo Disney.
Disneyland Tokyo has all common Disneyland theme parks: World Bazaar, Fantasy Land, Western Land, Critter Country, Adventure Land, Toontown, and Tomorrow Land.
Tokyo Disney was the first Disney park outside the United States. It is owned by the Oriental Land Company, not Disney. This demonstrates how globalization allowed and assisted the spread of pop culture, or in this case, Disney parks.
"Minnie and Mickey's Polynesian Paradise"
Tokyo Disneyland Electrical Parade: Dreamlights
The Star Festival is also widely popular in Tokyo Disney
These culture clashes resulted in Disneyland parks that are the same but very different. Each park offers quality entertainment, kid-friendly rides and attractions, and memories to last a lifetime. At the same time, each park reflects the intense culture of each area, taking the Disneyland California park and using glocalization to make the park suit each culture.
Saint Patrick's Day is an important holiday in Disneyland Paris. There is a large parade and scavenger hunt through the park.
Chase banks distribute Euros to tourists to make it easier to get currency exchanged upon entering the park.
There is a McDonald's located in the Disney Village Marina.
Many snack stands sell American foods
There is a Planet Hollywood restaurant that sells international cuisine such as salads, sandwiches, burgers, pizza, pasta, fish, and more.
Paris: Pop Culture
Paris: Folk Culture
Paris: Clash
Hong Kong: Folk Culture
The architecture in traditional Chinese palaces is very different from the Sleeping Beauty Castle. This is because Disney wanted to maintain as much Western architecture and style in its parks as it could.
Hong Kong: Clash
Hong Kong: Pop Culture
Tokyo: Pop Culture
Tokyo: Clash
Tokyo: Folk
"When we built Tokyo Disneyland we made a decision to keep the American flavor as much as possible...keeping the exotic exotic"
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