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Eng 231- Black Plague

No description

Monica Mercado

on 19 September 2012

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Transcript of Eng 231- Black Plague

A medieval pandemic that swept through Europe and Asia
Most scholars think that the Black Plague was a bacterial strain of Yersinia Pestis What is Black Death? In what ways do you think The Black Death affected the styles of writing?
Do you believe that religion is able to give an individual hope when all is lost? Discussion Questions: Focused on the rejection of the physical world and embraced the spiritual world
Emphasized on the coming of death
Secular literature Effect towards Medieval literature Black Death Doctor 14th Century Black Plague The plague was best known as the Black Death or Bubonic Plague.

the Pestilence
the Great Mortality
the Black Plague Other Names Where did it come from? No one has been able to identify the exact point of origin of the Black Death
Started somewhere in Central Asia in 1338/39 How was it transmitted? Normally, fleas from European black rats. Once a human is infected, the plague bacterium can spread by fleas hopping from person to person and biting them
Another theory stated that the Mongols help spread the plague by shooting infected corpse over the walls of Kaffa Different forms of the Plague Bubonic Plague
Pneumonic Plague
Septicemic Plague Medieval people believed... God was punishing mankind for its sins
Demonic dogs were the cause
Pest Maiden
Accused the Jews
Scholars (by the fact that microscopes weren't invented yet) thought it was the combination of earthquakes and astrological forces Symptoms Ring around the rosies
A pocket full of posies
Ashes, ashes,
We all fall down.
- children's rhyme
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