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Art & Maths TOK

No description

Ji-Yun Park

on 21 April 2014

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Transcript of Art & Maths TOK

Art & Math Presentation
Research Question
sense perception

To what extent WOK affect in understandings of relationship between maths and beauty?

Beauty: a characteristic of a person, place, object or idea that provides a perceptual experience of pleasure, meaning, or satisfaction
We concluded that sometime we can use the mathematics to calculate a beauty of a person through intuition, sense perception and reasoning. Not only this, but people can also use the golden ratio formula or symmetrical face formula to determine beauty of certain person.

Golden ratio face
Irrational number;
Korean people often put Golden ratio make-up to fit in to the ratio.
Plastic surgery aims to fit perfect golden ratio.
Counter-claim on golden ratio
The interpretation of the golden ratio through art does not or no longer enhance the beauty of artificial objects
Minor people, whose faces do not fit in golden ratio are considered beautiful
Affection towards a person makes him beautiful
Symmetrical face
It is stated that the person whose face is closely symmetrical from each side of face is known to be beautiful
Many people recognizes this, and are applying this formula in their plastic surgery
Counter-claim on Symmetrical face
Photographer Alex John Beck played around with the idea of facial symmetry by creating perfectly symmetrical composite images of people's faces in his photography series Both Sides Of. You'll see two faces in the pictures here, one face is the the left half of a person's face mirrored and the other is the right side. They're both symmetrical. WIth his pictures, we were able to conclude that while symmetrical faces are perceived to be attractive, completely symmetric faces are disconcerting and are not perceived as normal.
Mathematics affect the view of beauty/aesthetic
Body Proportions
Body proportions are a major factor to why models look better in fashion clothes but not certain other people. Proportion in the body is usually measure with the ratio of head:torso:legs, head:body, or torso:legs. For example, an average person is about 7.5 heads tall including the real head, but an ideal body is 8 heads tall, the ultimate ideal body of mostly a man is 8.5 heads tall, with a larger chest and longer legs. The most accurate example of body proportions is the drawing by Leonardo Da Vinci of the Vitruvian Man.
Golden ratio
golden ration is 1:1.618
the golden ratio in the vitruvian man drawing is 1:1.618 from feet to navel and navel to top of head
the golden ratio is based on Fibonacci's numbers where every number starting from the 3rd one is the sum of the previous 2
starting from the 3rd number, the next number will have a ratio of 1:1.618 to the previous one.
There are many factors suggested to distinguish of what is beauty, although it is known to be ambiguous in distinctly defining a beauty face, people nowadays use golden ratio to fix their face by plastic surgery and are getting more beautiful. Because golden ratio is derived from nature, which many animals' and plants' structures are applied in golden ratio, I believe the artificial golden ratio (plastic surgery of face and body) applied into human face and body makes them beautiful.
If a person know that beauty factors, such as golden ratio and symmetrical face triggers the beauty of the face, people try to fit people's face into formula of beauty (nose shape, eye location ...etc) unconsciously to find if a person is beautiful
Sometimes people find certain person whose face does not fit into golden ratio to be beautiful as people have different perspective and lifestyle.
Sense perception
Every person has different perspective and thinking towards what they see, which people may not understand the art form at all, while the opposing groups are impressed with the art. This can be exemplified with abstract art, which some of the art forms, people acclaim on a large rectangles placed structurally and, with the shade it carefully applies. However, people, sometimes even learners, think it is not an art form, not considering it as an art.
counter-claim on WOK (reason)
Although a person’s face is fitted in golden ratio, the study suggests that the golden ratio, which triggers the beauty, are varying among people in different continents and periods, such as Asian, European, Ancient Egyptian and so on. Not only this, but people also have different view in each of their mind, which a person’s face fitted in golden ratio might not look beautiful for those people.
counter-claim on WOK (intuition)
People still find beauty without formula of beauty, which intuition is sometimes unnecessary
One of the Korean singers interviewed in Cho sun Daily that she gained contrasting view from people of when she didn't do plastic surgery and when she did. As her face closely fixed into golden ratio, people claimed her to be beautiful, so that via voting, many people represented her to be Korea's best 50 face in 2013.
Real Life example
When we see a group of people, we instinctively figure out who is the most beautiful person in the group, and when figuring out who is the most beautiful person, people tend to think the most perfect symmetric and the face that fits in to the golden ratio is the most beautiful person, while they did not even notice that they are using mathematics to define beauty.
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