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innovative workplaces

No description

Kaitlyn Campbell

on 10 June 2014

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Transcript of innovative workplaces

2. Opportunities for Learning & Advancement

3. Promotion of Workplace Flexibility
Where, how & where the work is carried out
Employees enjoy creating own schedule & are found to be more effective because of it

1. Effective Leadership
& Supervision

IWin Elements
Easier work-life balance & increased well being
Higher employee morale, profit & productivity
Modern innovative offices and workplaces are the trend of the future with the rise of the millennial worker.
Lower turnover & absentee levels
5. Meaningful Work
Employees want more than basic benefits
Want to be creative & have the opportunity to use their talents, which increases self-esteem
8. Promotion of Health & Wellness
Obesity costs $45 billion a year in medical expenditures & lost work.
Employees who smoke cost $5,800 a year & depressed employees cost $23 billion a year in lost productivity
6. Cultivation of Teams & Social Supports
Good relationships = good communication & employees are likely to stay with the organization longer
Teamwork creates connections with others & has the organization working as a whole
4. Culture of Inclusion
7. Competitive Compensation & Benefits
Good pay, benefits & security are aspects employees consider before taking a job
Essential for Employers:
Respect & Support
Strategic management has a 62% lower employee turnover rate

Those who promote the strengths of employees have a 36% higher rate of productivity

Making the Switch
Companies with an innovation strategy grew their revenue 8% faster
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