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Lifting the fog on web and video technology

How to create a successful website form the ground up

Edwin LynchEdwinL

on 18 March 2013

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Transcript of Lifting the fog on web and video technology

Lifting the fog
on Websites & Video Photo based on: 'horizon' by pierreyves @ flickr Who are these
two guys? A great website !? in design, a website = navigation
Supermarket analogy
one shopper = surfer
multiple aisles = choices
info desk = search box
aisles = headings, buttons, links, sub-menus
> searchbox vs. buttons effectiveness = conversation.
Fisherman analogy
one boat
one fishing rod
alone at sea
644,000,000 fish (sites)
(BusinessInsider.com, 2011) What's a great website in 2012? Edwin Lynch & Chris Hilder
"Geoffrey Multimedia" & "InPicture Productions"
geoffreymultimedia.com + inpictureproductions.com.au
(professional web, graphics, sound and moving image)
> background Many of us are obsessed with being #1 on Google, but if we plan a great website in the 1st place, people return. In terms of graphics, moving vision and sound,
If you've seen it before it can be done.
If you haven't, that can be done, too.

Thanks to Matt and everyone at The Brook
& Kristine from Swan Chamber of Commerce In Conclusion Fisherman, one rod 1 Fisherman, many rods - well designed
- effective use of multimedia
> read, watch, do + combo
- integrated social media
- free or timely information
- updated WEEKLY (at least) A really great website is "sticky."
(sticks in people's minds so they come back) It's also . . . It's 7 times harder to get a new customer than it is to service an old one (Customer Loyalty, Jill Griffin, 1995) TRUST Twitter Linked In Newsletter RSS Facebook Forums Live Chat Instructional Video Online advertising Client website Website In terms of SEO, your biggest client might be a
single in-bound link! AdWords, Bing, FaceBook ads (down 8% in US)
TV ads on YouTube (on the up)
Some SEO tweaks
banner campaigns How many fish is this guy going to catch? 48hr response business on the web has become a conversation What does all this
amount to? . . .
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