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Medieval Armour

No description

Taline Bagoian

on 9 October 2013

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Transcript of Medieval Armour

Medieval Armor
Medieval Armor
Compiled By Taline Bagoian
Armor of a Night
It was the nights protective armor that helped define them as a military unit.
Armoring yourself during the Middle Ages was a great expense that only the wealthy could afford.
What is armor?
Armor is the metal coverings that are worn by soldiers or warriors to protect the body in battle.
There are many types of medieval armor: three of them are ....
Chain mail/ ring mail
Plate Mail
The major materials that armor was made from included Bronze and Iron.
Plate Mail
Armor made from iron or steel plates
Plate Mail is the second most protective armor
Plate armor developed in Europe during the Late Middle Ages
A complete suit of plate armor made from steel weighed around 30-40 pounds.
Plate armor was good at protecting against blows from maces, axes, swords and other hand held weapons.
The development of plate armor triggered developments in the design of weapons.
Chain mail Armor
Type of armor consisting of small metal rings linked together in a pattern. (could have over 200,00 rings)
Very heavy and difficult to walk in
The Chain mail was the earliest form of metal armor worn by the average soldier during the Middle Ages.
Chain mail was good at protecting against "cutting" weapons
If someone was slashing at you with a sword, chain mail was good at keeping you from being cut
leather armor was good at protecting against cutting like chain mail
very light and easy to move in
Made for poorer people such as merchants and hunters
Leather Armor
Different Parts of Armor
protected the neck and upper chest area
Made of steel or leather
Piece of armor covering the shoulder and part of the arm
made of metal
Worn in battle over the torso
Made of leather, bronze, iron, or metal
Often decorated with emblem
Protected the arm area around the wrist
Made of metal
Made out of wood/metal
Decorated with family emblem
Plate of Metal covering the upper thigh
Who wore armor? and why was it worn?
Knights/ warriors with high positions wore armor for protection in battle
To distinguish their authority and class during the middle ages
Horses wore armor while being ridden by knights
They also wore them when they would joust (Medieval game)
They would often wear metal steel around their heads and bodies
Horses also wore armor!
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