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Health Class

No description

Subrath TImsina

on 24 January 2017

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Transcript of Health Class

We learned how to deal with stress and also how to someone dealing with stress. We created a grief book and it had either fictional or nonfictional story about someone who was dealing with stress and how they coped with it at the end. We learn that people grieve differently. I also learned that people grieve at different times too. When someone dies it might not affect them at the moment but some time in the future they will grieve
Stages of Grief:
Anger & Guilt
I learned about 6 types of Nutrients. They include Water, Carbohydrate, proteins, fat, vitamins, and minerals. I also learned that one is just important as the other. I also learned how to read Nutrition Labels. I learned about the 3 types of carbohydrate (simple, Complex, Fiber). I learned about functions of water in my body. We did a MyPlate.Gov activity as a class as a review for the test.
Health and Wellness
We have to stay Healthy in many parts of our health and some of them include Mental, Physical, social and Spiritual Health. Some of the characteristic of Mentally and Emotionally Healthy people do is Enjoy Challenges, can express their emotion appropriately and make responsible decision. Some of the things that influence your health are your:
Physical Environment
Social Environment
Subrath Timsina
Health & Wellness
Health Myths

I learned that there are 300+ chemicals in tobacco and 50+ of them are carcinogen (cancer causing substance). Nicotine is the addictive substance found in tobacco products. Tar is also found in cigarettes (Tar is the thick black substance in the road. There is also carbon Monoxide in tobacco products. Carbon Monoxide is a colorless, odorless, and tasteless gas that is slightly less dense than air, when you breathe it, it replaces the oxygen in your blood . Without oxygen, cells throughout the body die, and the organs stop working. I learned about free programs who are willing to help people who want to quit.
Poster Created by Tobacco Cessation Programs
I learned many thing about alcohol in Health class. One of them was Binge Drinking. Binge Drinking means drinking 5 or more alcoholic beverage in one sitting. One fact that surprise me was that 1/5 teens have reported binge drinking. Just like Tobacco cessation program there are program to help you quit drinking too. There are 4 steps to recovery, they are :
1 Admission- Admit that alcohol is a problem
2 Detoxification- Learning to adjust without alcohol
3 Counseling
4 Recovery- taking action for your own life.

Health Myths
I learned that not everything on the internet is true. I learned that the sites ending in .gov, .org, .edu is the most trusted sources. Sometimes .com is also reliable but again it can be fake and made up.
Trusted Links
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