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Career Analysis

Garnt Broderick

Grant Broderick

on 30 April 2010

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Transcript of Career Analysis

Rail Road Transportation Grant Broderick Career Analysis Locomotive engineers and operators Locomotive engineers make
an average salary of $41.85
an hour and about $87,040 a
year The local companies require
a minimum of a high school
diploma and traing through
the company
The B2B is that the train goes and pics things up from other companies and then they deliever it to the other company You will need a
railroad license to be able to operate a train Most railroad engineers work
over night and work for weeks
at a time and then they get
a few weeks off The technology that is used in this job are telephones, lap tops and the train itself The customers are the
people they pick up
from and he people that
they deliever to. It will still be there and it will expand all over the country They use math to figure out the miles to go an dthe fuel that is left The main problems are that the trains break down and they lose time Communication
kindly speaking
Know what to do The highest demand will
be to get items to their
destination faster The ethical issues are
to be nice to peers and
customers and to do
what you are told
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