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Product Development

No description

Paul Montgomery

on 10 January 2014

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Transcript of Product Development

Paul Montgomery
Product Development
Classic Lemon Tart with Lemon Ice Cream..
St Clements Tart with St
Clements Ice cream..
Double-Layered, Hawaiian
Chocolate Shaving roof
Tart Base
3-tier, Lemon, Chocolate orange Tart..
Tart Base
This is my original idea which I belive is too simple, and does not fit the Market needs that I have researched..
This idea makes the design more
interesting, by adding more flavour, the flavours now fit the Market better..
This idea adds Height to the dish but I feel that the extra tiers would be too sweet and
have too much Pastry, the pastry would also be soggy and unappetizing. Also i think that this idea would be to difficult to create .
This slightly more developed idea makes the dish themed, but the this theme has no real relevance to the ingredients being used. I added the buttery biscuit partition to stop the unappealing texture which would be created by the liquid in the tart..
Again i believe this idea will be too difficult to create as it adds an extra element to the dish which was not in the
previous idea..
This graph Shows that the Majority Females that I asked would rather go to a Restaurant and the Majority of Males I asked would rather go to a Fast Food Establishment. This has Slightly changed my Target Market to Females as I am aiming for a Restaurant experience.
A Graph to show where people
would eat..
Research into the amount of Fast food
Consumed Weekly..
A small Paragraph to summarise
my Brainstorm.

The Mind map I have created has
helped me to decide what my first
few ideas will be, from
this I will create a Questionnaire
to help me find something which
will not only my target Market will
like, but will hopefully be successful
product; in the way that it is cost effective but innovative.
Summarised Mind Map
This Graph shows, shockingly how much fast food is consumed weekly by all age groups but especially 18+ year olds.
This has helped me to realize that a Fast food product would be fairly Successful, but as there are alreadya lot of fast food products out there i don't seea gap in the market.
This is a graph which analyses the age of 156 people, it shows how many people aged between 18-65+ eat at a fast food restaurant in a week.
These are the results I will get;
It will make it possible for me to decide the Target market my Product
will be aimed at; taking into consideration age, Gender and Meal Type.
Another thing that this Questionnaire will help me decide is what fruit I
will use in my product also taking into consideration age, Gender and
Meal Type.
It will help me decide what type of product will be best to release into the
market taking into consideration the specifications.
Also it will help me decide what best will accompany this Dessert, again taking into
consideration the specifications.
Help me recognise the views that the General Public have in relation to what they believe would be most
successful in theModern Gastronomic World , once again taking into consideration the specifications..
The questionnaire I am planning to create will help
me to decide what products will be best for which Target Market.
The Questions that I will include are;
Are you... Male Female
How old are you?
 What Fruit do you prefer to eat in/with a Dessert?
Which out of these Four Desserts would you prefer to eat?
In relation to question ‘4.’ what would you choose to accompany this Dessert?
What do you think would be most successful in this Modern Gastronomic World?
Questionnaire Results..
How I got to
Original Idea
These results helped me very much to decide
how my product would have been made, developed and
Produced.The Questionnaire showed me that the
product I think will be most successful is a Lemon and
Orange layered Meringue tart. The reasons for this
are shown in the results from the Questionnaire; a majority of the answers to question 3. were Lemon and Orange. The accompanying Product was decided as
I believe it would complement the dish the best..
The Journey..
This was my first and second attempt of my original idea of Classic Lemon Tart, the first was fairly successful apart from the pastry not being set into the case properly, this is a technique I needed to practice the second one was more successful but it made me realize that this idea would be too hard to complete in a restaurant situation as the two tiers would be too difficult bake..

After the first few attempts i had realized that the tart idea was too difficult to construct, and being tiered it would be impossible to make, so i have decided to develop my idea to make it simpler but more effective, this idea involves a Buttery biscuit base instead of a tart base; and instead of a tart filling i have changed it to Lemon Curd. This idea makes the dish simpler but also fresher, i have decided to use the orange in the new dish aswell, it will be used in the Lemon and orange crumb. The above pictures are my first attempt at the new dish which i have decided to trial. The first attempt went fairly well but it could be improved, in the next time i will add Gelatine into the Lemon Curd to allow it to set..
This is my final idea; it is a Lemon Curd tart with a lemon buttery biscuit base, toasted coconut marscapone and a Lemon and Orange Crumb... I believe this is the best idea for the target market that I have decided to adhere to..
My final Idea..
The reasons i have decided to change my idea are because i believe this version fits in to the modern Gastronomic world, in the way that it looks and the way it tastes..
Since deciding what will be best for the market
I have now changed this concept as i have put the original in to practice and realised that it would be too diffucult to complete. My new idea is a Lemon Curd tart with a lemon buttery biscuit base, toasted coconut marscapone and a Lemon and Orange Crumb.
These are just some of my origin ideas which I have Mind Mapped..
Mind Map..
This is my final completed dish I believe it fits the market research I did very well. For example, there is an intense but subtle lemon flavour in the curd, and with the crumb it makes a very fresh taste experience..
Although it is no longer an actual tart base yet i still believe it fits what I had originally planned when I gathered the Questionnaire results; as there were a few people who said they liked the Cheesecake, Buttery Biscuit base idea better than the tart..
Further Evaluation..
Sugar Development
I believe that the way my dish is plated also fits the research i did as I wanted it to be a dish which was suitable for a fine restaurant situation, also the fact i made it simpler means that it can be plated easier making it better for a restaurant..
There are a few things i would do to this dish to Improve it for example;
I would put less of the crumb on the slate, as i belive there is too much.
I would also add more gelatine to ensure it was set enough, but not so much that it has a rubbery texture.
One of the Garnishes which I have used is 'Hazelnut Sugar sticks', I did this by putting hazelnuts on cocktail sticks then I melted down sugar until it is at a caramel like state and dipped the nuts into the sugar..
Next, I placed each one in the potato and hung the potato from the canopy, as to let the sugar fall and cool into a long teardrop shape. I also twirled some sugar around a steel to get the twirl..
Further Development..
At this stage I had added 1 sheet of Gelatine as a first test, 1 sheet made the consistency very runny and not really what i was looking for..
Next time I will add more, to be sure it will set also then i can gauge what is too much
Final Recipe..
- Castor Sugar
- Butter
- Double Cream
- Eggs
- Lemons, juice and zest
- Corn Syrup
- Hazelnuts
- Dessicated Coconut
- Digestive Biscuits
- Crush the Biscuits until they are a crumb add 40g of melted butter and put into moulds.
- Zest and Juice the Lemons, add it into the cream and simmer over a medium heat.
- Whilst the cream is simmering whisk the egg yolks and sugar together in a bowl.
- Pour half of the cream into the egg and sugar mix and whisk to combine.
- Pour back into the pan and cook over a gentle heat the mixture thickens.
- Pass through a sieve, add butter, put into moulds and chill for 30Mins.
- Put sugar and water into a thick bottomed pan and melt until a caramel like state.
- Put a hazelnut on a cocktail stick; dipthe nuts into the caramel and put them up to hang to produce a hazelnut sugar stick.
- Toast the coconut until a light brown colour; put aside.
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