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Europa Paris

No description

Emily Munro

on 24 November 2012

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Transcript of Europa Paris

(Young) Audiences

Emily Munro
Glasgow Film Theatre
@ellomunro [Twitter] Operation: Full Cinema HOW?
Diverse programme
Lifelong learning
Address barriers to access
Encourage risk Young audiences:
Glasgow Film Theatre + Glasgow Film Festival Events aimed at Young audiences (2012)


twitter @glasgowyouth Glasgow Youth Film Festival - since 2009 A youth-led festival : Programme : Marketing : Delivery 'I have Asperger Syndrome like Simon so I encourage people to see this film as they will be educated as well as entertained' (Connor, 18) 'You grow to love the characters. I love this film' (Calum, 16) Fresh Approach New model
Focus on 14-19
Invest in young people
Share passion
Positive attitude Young people (15-29) take part in
cultural activities more often than
any other age group European Commission (2007) Where is everybody? (cc) Wakefield ABC by Phill.d You hardly find anymore, at least among the young, the distinctive cinephilic love of movies... a certain taste in films (grounded in a vast appetite for seeing and re-seeing as much as possible of cinema's glorious past). Cinephilia itself has come under attack, as something quaint, outmoded, snobbish. Susan Sontag The Decay of Cinema (1996) AIMS
- Engaged audience
- Happy customers
- Busy screens €€ No money Alienated Isolated Bored Relevant Accessible Participatory Connected Inspirational Youth Jury Advisory group Film club Get involved at all stages Use expertise within cinema
European Commission
EU Youth Report
Status of the situation of young people in the European Union

Brussels, 10.9.2012
SWD(2012) 257 final see: EACEA 2008 Access of Young People to Culture 1,704 1,925 Think about audiences Where do I
go next? Articles cited European Commission 2012 EU Youth report: Status of the situation of young people in the European Union (Brussels, 10.9.2 012 SWD(2012) 257 final) EACEA, 2008. Access of young people to culture. Brussels: EACEA.Available at:http://ec.europa.eu/youth/documents/study-on-youth-access-to-culture-full-report_en.pdf European Commission, 2007b. European Cultural Values. Special Eurobarometer 278. Available at:http://ec.europa.eu/public_opinion/archives/ebs/ebs_278_en.pdf
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