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Costa Rica Attractions

No description

Cindy gosselin

on 18 December 2013

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Transcript of Costa Rica Attractions

Only a hour and a half from San Jose.
Jaco's 2 miles of beaches attract surfers, dancers, and tourists.
Besides surfing and swimming, there are many activities you can do, including canopy, ATV, horseback riding, sport fishing, diving and kayaking tour.
Made of the beaches Herradura, Hermosa, Esterillos and Bejuco.
Has hotels you can stay at, restaurants to eat at and other attractions.
Jaco means "the rich coast."
Largest city on the pacific side.
Costa Rica Attractions
Canopy Tours
San Jose

Arenal Lodge
Arenal Lodge is one of the most popular fishing spots in Costa Rica.
Most of the rooms in the Arenal Lodge have spectacular views of the volcano.
Arenal Volcano National Park
The volcano erupted in 1968 , which boosted the tourism in the province
The national park extends 12,016 hectares located in the 204,000 Arenal Conservation Area
The Arenal National Park is home to two volcanoes
The second volcano is Cerro Chato, who's crater collapsed years ago but the sight is still amazing
Tourists can also visit Arenal Lake
This lake generates 40% of Costa Ricas hydroelectric power
Even though the tours are for the most part safe, you still need to realize that something may go wrong.
When you choose which canopy tour to go on, keep in mind that there are no licenses needed to build canopy tours and no safety regulations.
Work Cited

Canopy tours help you observe the tree tops and their eco-systems.
Home to dense culture, history, exquisite architecture, bustling night life and friendly locals
San Jose provides a wonderful array of activities and attractions
There are plenty of museums, art galleries and parks
The city is fairly modern in terms of Latin American cities but there are still many World War ll era building
The best attractions are Central Park, Morazan Park and the Jade Museum
Caño Island
Fantastic coastal climate, year round warm water temperatures and both Pacific and Atlantic coasts
The waves are big
Many reef breaks are found along the coast
Some surfer beaches might be hard to find, but the trip is worth it
Some breaks like Pavones have the longest rides in the world
Pavones-is one of Costa Rica’s most famous surf breaks offering one of the world’s longest lefts
A biological reserve.
One of the world's top scuba diving and snorkeling destinations.
The reserve lets you view untouched rainforests ,reeves, and beaches.
gracias por mirar
Montevrde Cloud Forest Reserve
Cloud forests usually receive less rain rain than rainforests
Because the a cloud forest is higher in altitude there is more humidity
This reserve sits at an elevation of 1,200m to 1,600m
It is surrounded by fantastic floral and fauna
The reserve is considered to be among the most exceptional wildlife sanctuaries
this is so fun!
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