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The Great Depression

Information on The Great Depression and The Great Recession

Zach Owens

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of The Great Depression

The Great Depression
The Great Recession
Causes of The Great Depression
Stock Market Crash
World War I
Buying on Credit
Banks Failing
Banks loaning money to high risk people/business Causes of The Great Recession
Housing Falure
Bank Failure
Banks Loaning Money to High Risk People/Businesses Presidents of The Great Depression
Franklin D. Roosevelt Herbet Hoover Presidents of The Great Recession George W. Bush Barack H. Obama Hoover's Attempt to Help Hoover try to help the economy pick up by raising the taxes on imported goods so Americans would by more American goods and raise the economy but it failed because other countries did the same and it cancled out. And he also wanted the banks to merge and that also failed and left many people jobless and homeless, which they called Hoovervilles. Obama's Attempt to Help Obama set up a bailout plan that let the Secretary of Treasury use 700 million to buy troubled assets. Which was believed that would restore confidence in the credit market. Stock Market Crash Happened in October 1929. It was when the Stock Market took a dip and everyone got scared and pulled their money out and the banks didn't have enough to cover all the withdraws and they went bankrupt. The End
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