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Equilibria and Le Chatelier

No description

Harvey Buckle

on 7 November 2016

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Transcript of Equilibria and Le Chatelier

Equilibria and Le Chatelier
A reversible reaction is one which can be made to go in either direction depending on the conditions.
A closed system is one in which no substances are either added to the system or lost from it. Energy can, however, be transferred in or out at will.
An equilibrium,that is a reversible reaction in a closed system can be pushed to the left or right of the equation.
Dynamic equilibrium and symbol
The word dynamic equilibrium means that the reaction is still continuing..

The symbol we use instead of an arrow is:

Position of equilibrium
This can lie to the right or left depending on which way FAVOURED
What is different/the same about these two things?
Open or closed?
Le Chateliers work
Do a little reading and write down 1 sentence that sums up his ideas
Write it down.

What could make the reaction move towards the PRODUCTS?

What could make the reaction move towards the REACTANTS?
Lets consider an example
To know the principles of equilibria
To apply this to real Chemical reactions using the principles of Le Chatelier
7th November 2016
The equation
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