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First 5 Contra Costa’s 2011 Annual Report

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First 5 Contra Costa

on 12 April 2013

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Transcript of First 5 Contra Costa’s 2011 Annual Report

2 0 1 0 – 2 0 1 1 A N N U A L R E P O R T I am pleased to present First 5 Contra Costa’s 2011 Annual Report to the Community – in a new, interactive format. We hope you find it to be an engaging way to learn about our work, and how we’re improving the lives of Contra Costa’s youngest children.

Last year was another productive year at First 5, despite the ongoing threat of state budget cuts. We invested $11.9 million in proven programs that
benefited over 15,700, children, parents, and child care providers.

Together with our partners, we’re making investments that will
last a lifetime.

Sean Casey Letter from Sean Invest in Kids Why Who We Serve What We Do How Much We Invest
• Need for special education
• Teenage pregnancy
• Welfare dependency
• Incarceration Children have an identified developmental delay or disability 68% 93% 19% have MediCal or Healthy Families health coverage are up-to-date
on immunizations are exposed to second-hand tobacco smoke at home About our Parents 46% 32% 48% earned less
than $15,000 of mothers did not have
a high school diploma read to their children 7 or more times per week About our Providers CHILDREN PARENTS PROVIDERS We fund 30 programs
organized into four
initiatives. EARLY CHILDHOOD
AND ENGAGEMENT Research Children who attend high-quality preschool, especially low-income children, do better in school and life. They are less likely to drop-out of school or need special education services. 52 Preschool
Makes a Difference Sites 33 10 9 12,000 books PMD Sites: Type of Program Research shows… HOSPITAL HOME FIRST 5 CENTERS 605 new mothers at Alta Bates’ delivery ward were linked to home visiting programs. 6,931 home visits were provided to 1,254 expectant or new mothers. 1,588 families took child development
& parent education classes. 289 infants born premature or with medical conditions received home visits from nurses (average birth weight was 3.1 pounds). 46 homeless families received shelter services. Nearly half needed help regaining custody of their children. Most families moved to stable housing. 197 teen parents
received counseling, case management, and parent education. 94% either graduated or stayed in school. 308 parents of children with special needs received support, mentoring, and assistance navigating the disability service system. 277 children struggling with social, emotional, or developmental concerns at 201 child care sites received mental health consultation. 63% were retained in their classroom. 92 children with special needs received one-on-one support at 64 child care sites. 75% were retained in their classroom. 150 providers received training on a developmental screening tool.

2,000 children will be screened using it this year. http://www.facebook.com/First5CoCo http://www.firstfivecc.org/blog http://www.twitter.com/First5CoCo http://www.youtube.com/First5CoCo Revenue Proposition 10
First 5 California
Long Foundation
Reserved Funds
Other Income
Sustainability Fund Draw-Down

Total $8,913,866

$15,672,137 Early Childhood Education
Family Support
Early Interventions
Comm. Info. and Engagement
Program Expenses

Total $3,842,318 $3,668,455 $3,598,011 $855,294 $1,808,171 $736,761 $1,163,127

$15,672,137 District I
District II
District III
District IV
District V
County Board of Supervisors
Health Services Department
Employment & Human Svcs. Dept.
Children and Family Services Roster Commissioners

Maria Fort
Dr. Michael Zwerdling, Chair
PJ Shelton, Vice Chair
Raquel Gonzáles
John Jones
Supervisor Karen Mitchoff
Dr. William Walker
Joe Valentine
Valerie Earley, Secretary/Treasurer Alternates

Rose Payán
Belinda Lucey
John Mills, Ex-Officio
Kathy Lafferty
Toni Robertson
Supervisor Federal Glover
Wanda Session
Katharine Mason 14% Hospital Outreach Home Visiting First 5 Centers INCREASE: Most participants in both programs agreed that child functioning improved because of the service. A Child's Brain Grows to 85% of its Adult Size by Age 3. The Early Years are the Most Important. First 5 funds organizations that provide
health, education, and development
services to children, prenatal to
age five, and their families.
We receive funds from the
1998 Proposition 10
tobacco tax initiative. Experiences Shape Brain Development 85% Research Shows that Early Childhood Investments Yield the Highest Returns. REDUCE: • Life success
• Graduation rates
• College attendance
• Future earnings "The best way to improve the American workforce in the 21st century is to invest in early childhood education." James J. Heckman, Professor of Economics at the University of Chicago, a Nobel Laureate in Economics Our funded programs
provided direct health and
education services to over
15,700 children, parents, and providers.
Thousands more families received less intensive services, such as parenting kits and help finding needed programs. About our 44% 25% have an AA, BA, or MA degree of providers speak Spanish at work Quality & Access 1,044 child care providers increased their education and training with support from the Professional Development Program.

177 low-income children received a Preschool Makes a Difference scholarship to attend high-quality preschool. Reach Nearly half of all licensed child care centers in Contra Costa participate in PDP or PMD. Literacy were circulated to encourage parents to read to their children. 164 children participated in literacy preschools. Research Children who grow up with healthy, nurturing relationships with parents and caregivers have higher self-esteem and do better in school. Research shows… Home Visiting 84% of mothers entered prenatal care in their first trimester.

11% of new mothers were referred for additional help after scoring high on an assessment for postpartum depression.
When exiting home visiting programs, 83% of mothers made improvements with postpartum depression. First 5 Centers After attending First 5 Center programs, parental knowledge of child development significantly improved. First 5 Centers First 5 Center Families In Their Own Words… Research One in six children in the US has a developmental delay or behavioral disability. Children who experience traumatic stress are more likely to have delayed development or learning disabilities. Children benefit most when concerns are addressed early. Research shows… Services Services at a glance… Mental Health 254 children with mental health needs and their families received specialized therapy. Services helped reduce mental health risk factors in children. Children’s Mental Health Services Child Care Support Child Care Solutions and Inclusion Project Developmental Screening Children’s Behavioral Check List Percentile Rank at Intake and Follow-up Scores above the red line indicate clinical risk for mental health diagnosis. Research Community engagement and organizing leads to increased confidence, improved health outcomes, and reduced isolation – especially for low-income parents. Research shows… Regional Groups 150 parent volunteers working on childhood obesity prevention.

93% are low-income; 78% speak Spanish as primary language.

850 low-income children participated in physical activity classes the Groups organized. Services 9,583 parenting kits distributed to help parents care for newborns.

35,202 calls were made to 211; 16% of callers had children 0-5.

2,777 low-income workers received over $1.6 million in
tax credits. Services at a glance… Community
Information and Engagement Over 450 individuals and organizations have joined us on our new social media platforms: Join Us! Expenses Commission Family Child Care Head Start Centers Download our 2010-2011 Funded Grants PDF from http://www.firstfivecc.org/uploads/F5_10-11_FundedGrants.pdf Download our 2010-2011 Family Survey Data at http://www.firstfivecc.org/uploads/F5_ContractorSummary_2010-11.pdf Download at: http://www.firstfivecc.org/uploads/F5_10Facts.pdf click on video to view click on video to view click on video to view click on video to view 10 Facts About First 5 Contra Costa Click the full screen box (lower right).
Then click on forward arrow.
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