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KOALA Korporation

No description

Grace Park

on 28 May 2015

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Transcript of KOALA Korporation

Testing Prototype
Our Solution
We built a filter system that will be installed into drinking fountains. By doing so, we hope to cleanse the water from any contaminants and bacteria, and ultimately prevent the health issues caused by tap water.
Data/ Analysis
The Problem

An experiment conducted by a student in Oregon proved that drinking fountains contain more bacteria than toilets.

What is Our Goal?
1000 East Victoria Street
Carson, CA 90747
phone: (562)673-2554 fax:(310)782-9890

We are aiming to prevent potential health issues caused by unsanitary water from drinking fountains in Southern Californian schools
cotton batting
activated carbon
and ion exchange resin
With the use of a water tester, we were able to compare the safety of tap water to our filtered water.
- School purchases drinking fountains with water filters already inserted.
- Koala Korporation installs filters into drinking fountains owned by Southern California schools.
- 5 yr maintenance plan in which water filter is changed every 6 months
Budget Proposal
Testing Procedure
1. Collect water from the school water fountain.
2.Test its level of chlorine using the test strips.
4.Place a cup at the end of the filter, and pour tap water through filter system.
6.After the cup is full, test its level of chlorine with test strips.
8.By referring to the colors on the test strips, analyze and compare the safety of the tap water and filtered water.
9.Record your findings.

1st prototype
2nd prototype
Harmful bacteria in drinking fountains put children and teens at risk of:
Learning disabilities
Permanent brain damage
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