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My First Prezi!

Is finally done!

Ilyse A. Morrow

on 6 September 2012

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Transcript of My First Prezi!

Hey there. Name's Ilyse April Morrow~ Even though the person that teaches it is a bit strict... I'm in 7th Grade...
and my favourite subject is
ART. I was born April 26th, 2ooo Dad's name is Gino Morrow I have 2 brothers... One Stepsister... and Two stepbrothers. Her name is Tara Centeio. I attend University Academy... This is the only school I've really ever known. I Love... drawing, reading, swimming...
Reading Webcomics...
Especially HomeStuck. :) I've been to...
Massachusetts Florida.... (west palm beach) New bedford. This next picture is the bed and breakfast my grandparents own. Dallas, Texas New York, Buffalo And, last but not least, Mom! I want to be an artist when I grow up! Or a singer... but an artist suits me better. I'm hoping I go to a good college, one that'll let me get my dream job....
But If not, then a job that'll matter...
like a farm where the animals are treated good and have no artificial hormones in them.
I'd gladly be a farmer if it's for a cause like that. Well, that's all! Thanks for watching!
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