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MEST 2: Creating M

No description

Isobel Elliott

on 13 November 2012

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Transcript of MEST 2: Creating M

Research & Intentions MEST 2: Creating Media Being Liverpool
Educating Essex
Big Brother
The Apprentice Current media products Realistic characters.
Fixed cameras.
Voice over.
Different theme every episode.
Mise en scene.
Private video diary everywhere.
Realistic stories, not always interesting. Educating Essex Looks at the scenes behind Anfield.
Gives views of the training, games, how the Manager and players react to things.
Has been highlighted as controversial as it does not follow certain codes and conventions of this genre.
Informal interviews
Narration/Voice over Being Liverpool Voice-over, clarifies what's happening. 'Hidden' cameras - as if we're watching the housemates.
Diary room - gives the audience an insight of the subject's feelings and views.
Digital watch (bottom corner).
Title sequence - includes all housemates.
A range of shot-types.
No background music - as if the audience are spying on the housemates (realism).
Games and challenges every episode.
Live audience.
A show presenter (as if a game show)
Evictions. Big Brother Formal
Voice over
act like the cameras not there
shot reverse shot
establishing shots
all the settings and iconography is what we would expect to see The Apprentice In most fly on the wall documentary's there is normally a voice over clarifying the story and what is going on. The show is normally shot using realism and the characters and story lines are all real and are not altered in any way. The camera shots are not always perfect and there may be things blocking the camera view, as there is no re-shooting etc. The shots and story lines may not always be entertaining as they are not set up for entertainment but to give the audience an inside look into something. Most fly on the wall documentary's don't end with a cliff hanger and tend to be episodic closing off the story each episode. The settings and iconography are normally realistic so it is believable for the audience while they are watching it, for example if it was shot in a school, we would expect to see school work etc. Most of the audience for E4 are fairly young (16-34). E4's programmers aim to connect with the audience by having realism and gritty themes. The Audience can connect with the realistic and believable characters. Teen Dramas such as Skins, Misfits and 90210 all have relatable issues and characters. This is why E4 is a popular channel with Teenage audiences. E4 Research Secondary Research Here, someone has written a review on Celebrity Big Brother 2012 online. It was written towards the end of the series when the audience were speculating about who was going to win. Some people, as mentioned in the review, were also betting on the result. The review is fairly bias towards particular housemates and includes a lot of personal opinions. Audiences may prefer this approach but some however, may not.
People are able to write and create secondary products about Big Brother because there is an end result to the series - someone wins. However, for our television program, there is no particular 'winner', so it might prove more difficult to produce this. Audience Profiles Quantative
Age: 16 - 34
Gender: Male & Female
Class ABC1
Medium to high disposable income
High rating programme Genre Codes and Conventions Opening Sequence Techniques Representation Issues Scheduling Key codes and conventions E4’s programs are generally aiming at the same audience, including humour and relationship themes. This attracts this particular audience because younger people can relate to the themes presented with the shows. These programs are usually very creative, playing with different genres and creating new, exciting material. An example of this is Misfits, a story of regular people who have ‘superpowers’. The program resembles a soap opera but with added magical and sexual themes within. It was a new, original idea and was a huge success with the younger audience. It attracted this audience by using a number of techniques, such as the themes, a young cast and the style. FRESHERS Qualitative:
Sociable teensagers, escape from school work with TV, enjoy going out.
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