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The Fault In Our Stars - Novel Analysis

No description

Hannah Zavodney

on 29 January 2015

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Transcript of The Fault In Our Stars - Novel Analysis

The Fault In Our Stars
General Information
Date of Publication: 2012
Literary Time Period: Modern Day
Genre: Young Adult-Fiction and Romance
Casual Diction VS Formal Diction
Plot Summary
Hazel Grace Lancaster is a girl who is battling Stage IV thyroid cancer. She meets a boy, Augustus Waters, in support group, who gives her a new outlook on life. Similarly, Augustus also has cancer, but it is Osteosarcoma. Throughout the novel, they fall in love and experience new adventures together.
Point of View
Written by John Green
by Michelle Bryce and Hannah Zavodney
First Person Protagonist
"I looked away, suddenly conscious of my myriad, insufficiencies... I had this pageboy haircut, and I hadn't even bothered to, like, brush it. Furthermore, I had ridiculously fat chipmunked cheeks, a side effect of treatment," (Green 9).
Background Information on John Green
He was born and grew up in Indianapolis, Indiana
Funky Bones
His friend Esther Earl died when she was 16 from thyroid cancer
He worked in a Children's Hospital
Hazel Grace Lancaster
"Sadly, the bridge is already under insurgent control due to questionable strategizing by my bereft cohort," (Green 58).
"The contraption was necessary because my lungs sucked at being lungs," (Green 8).
"Cancer kids are essentially side effects of the relentless mutation that made the diversity of life on earth possible," (Green 49).

"But I thought if true love did exist, that was a pretty good definition of it," (Green 61).
Beginning: Sarcastic
End: Sophistication
"(I didn't tell him that the diagnosis came three months after I got my first period. Like: Congratulations! You're a woman. Now die)," (Green 24).
"All I know of heaven and all I know of death is in this park: an elegant universe in ceaseless motion, teeming with ruined ruins and screaming children," (Green 308).
Heart Broken
Structure and Organization
Sociological Background
"The McDonald's line wasn't really that long; I just... I just didn't want to sit there with all those people looking at us or whatever," (Green 146).
"If you want me to be a teenager, don't send me to Support Group. Buy me a fake ID so I can go to clubs, drink vodka, and take pot," (Green 7).
Setting and Functions
Small suburbs in Indianapolis
Average, and stereotypical American home
Hazel wants to be an average teenage girl, but her diagnosis prevents that.
Hazel Grace Lancaster
"Name. Age. Diagnosis. And how we're doing today. I'm Hazel, I'd say when they'd get to me. Sixteen. Thyroid originally but with an impressive and long-settled satellite colony in my lungs. And I'm doing okay," (Green 5).
Isis Archetype
has a healthy sense of who she is
seems smarter than most adults when still a child
inner strength that never dies
tells people the truth even when harsh
stands up for her beliefs no matter what the cost
Augustus Waters
"He walked past me, his shoulders filling out his green knit polo shirt, his back straight, his steps lilting just slightly to the right, as he walked steady and confident on what I had determined was a prosthetic leg," (Green 18).
Osiris Archetype
has a healthy sense of who he is
seems smarter than most adults when still a child
stands up for beliefs no matter the cost
inner strength that never dies
pushes people beyond their limits to help them grow
"The only redeeming facet of Support Group was this kid named Isaac, a long-faced, skinny guy with straight blond hair swept over one eye... And his eyes were the problem. He had some fantastically improbable eye cancer," (Green 6).
Hermes Archetype
is easygoing
is charming and playful
is adventurous
is impulsive and reckless, without limits
Peter Van Houten
"A potbellied man with thin hair, sagging jowls, and a week-old beard squinted into the sunlight," (Green 180).
Hades Archetype
prefers to be left alone most of the time
psychically sensitive
highly intelligent
devoid of feelings
has trouble talking to people
is pessimistic
few intimate relationships
Short life, but long term impact
"You gave me a forever within the numbered days, and I'm grateful," (Green 260).
Augustus is obsessed with wanting to be remembered
Anne Frank
Oblivion is inevitable
"...oblivion is inevitable, and that we're all doomed and that there will come a day when all our labor has been returned to dust, and I know the sun will swallow the only earth we'll ever have," (Green 153).
Literary Devices
"...and never was Shakespeare more wrong then when he had Cassius note, "the fault, Dear Brutus, is not in our stars/but in ourselves"," (Green 111).
"They don't kill you unless you light them... It's a metaphor, see: You put the killing thing right between your teeth, but don't give it the power to do it killing," (Green 20).
Control over the uncontrollable
The Title: The Fault In Our Stars
Important Quotes
"That's the thing about pain... It demands to be felt," (Green 63).
"You don't get to choose if you get hurt in this world, old man, but you do have some say in who hurts you. I like my choices. I hope she likes hers," (Green 313).
"I'm a grenade and at some point I'm going to blow up and I would like to minimize the casualties, okay?" (Green 99).
Pain Demands To Be Felt
1. If you were diagnosed with cancer, would you consider yourself a grenade like Hazel, or ignore your diagnosis like Augustus? Why?
2. Do you think that you can change/control your destiny, or do you think it's already determined?
Works Cited
This novel opens up new ideas and outlooks on life to the reader. The connections and symbols enhance and brings a deeper understanding of what John Green is trying to convey. The story is relatable to most young adults that read it, and it's almost impossible to not be able to connect to the book.
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York: Dutton, 2012. Print.
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