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No description

Kathryn Larsen

on 4 December 2015

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Transcript of Family&friends

By: Jennifer Sanchez
My family means a lot to me. They might be annoying but you have to learn how to love them.
I like music because it makes you go to another place. Away from all the drama or problems you have in your life. Plus you can have a good time and have fun listening to it. Some people might think its to loud but its music its never to high or too low.
I love clothes they make you look and stay freshhh. Its another way to express your personality and just to have fun with it.
I dont like homework like I do but its rare. Sometimes I do it and sometimes I forget about it :) But I do it because it gets me ready for whats coming.

My friends are my other family. They make things a better and there always there for me. Some friends might leave but some new ones will come and make things better.
I hate chores there the worst some are easy to do but I just dont like them.
10 things about me.
Sitting by Marco
Tomatoe (tomato)
Sitting by Marco was not the best but it was just annoying. He is funny but after awhile its not. I dont hate it I just dislike it.
According to Fernanda its tomatoe with a ¨e¨ at the end. (to-mah-toe)It sucks I dont like the taste. There nasty in soup I just dont like then,
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