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Should genetically modified foods be labelled ?

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Mejgan Shefa

on 11 June 2015

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Transcript of Should genetically modified foods be labelled ?

Why should Gmo's be Labeled?
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Most common GMO foods
- 40% of countries do label products
-Canada and the U.S. don't require labeling
-about 64 countries require labeling or ban gmo products
-50 countries have significant restrictions

Is one of the biggest gmo producers. They control most of the worlds gmo seeds globally, around 86 percent are owned by them. But do not required labeling. They also produce pesticides and herbisides that are also needed to protect the gmo crops.
-because we don't know what our food contains
-so we can have a choice between organic and genetically modified
-because we don't know the effects
-so we actually know what we're eating
In the video, we just watched, it tells us about chemical companies like Monsanto that use chemicals on the crop. They also talked about Illnesses that weren't around before gmo foods that are now normal. This video shows we have a right to know about what we are consuming.
Genetically Modified Foods
by: Mejgan, Kisho & Maya

Should genetically modified foods be labeled?
Labeling Facts
canola oil
In conclusion we think GMO's should be labeled, because we have the right to know what were consuming. Thank you for watching/listening to our presentaion and hopefully you learned something new
golden rice
sugar beets
Why Gmos should Be Labeled
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