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Shower Buddy

No description

Spencer Lee

on 18 January 2017

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Transcript of Shower Buddy

Shower Buddy

Why shower with a buddy,

When you can shower with the
Thanks for your consideration
(Shower Pals Incorporated)
Target Market

Market Analysis
Marketing Mix
Promotional Mix
Mission Statement
"Our mission is to provide the most comforting shower experience you have ever had and we strive to make the best and most convenient shower head available in the world today."
Opening for Gain
Our multipurpose shower head, with wall pumps adapts to the changing time of modern conveniences, by including, systems that make every person's shower experience more enjoyable.

The shower buddy contains a built in blue tooth speaker, color changing LED lights that run off the flowing water from the shower, and an add on of wall pumps for shampoo, conditioner, and body wash.

Business Profile
Age: 15 and up
Gender: Everyone
Education: High School and High School Graduates

Area: Nationwide
Business Location: Sacramento, California
Population density of Sacramento: 4,774 people per square mile

Lifestyles: People who shower regularly
Sports: Sports teams (locker rooms)
Music: People who are open to experience, conscientiousness, extra version, agreeableness, and neurotic.
Cost of Materials & Labor
Economics of One Unit
Average Monthly Expenses
Monthly Sales Projections
First Year
Monthly Break-Even Units
Projected Yearly
Income Statement
First Year
Start-Up Investment
(3 Months)
We are a LLC-wholesale company, giving us creditability and allows us to have multiple owners. We have signed three supply contracts with three different companies and our engineers will combine their products into our products and this identifies us as a Wholesale Company.
Financing Strategy
Total Start-up
Business Responsibility and Philanthropy
Business responsibility- Every shower buddy sold we donate 15 liters of water to people in need. We are also responsible for making our product the best that it can possibly be as far as the quality, and the lifespan of it.
Jack Stiawalt
Reanna Trijillo
Spencer Lee
Ricky O'kelley
Alison Mahaffey
Elevator Pitch

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