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Copy of Woodcock-Munoz Language Survey-Revised

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Crystal Westbrook

on 20 June 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Woodcock-Munoz Language Survey-Revised

Woodcock-Munoz Language Survery-Revised
The Woodcock-Munoz Language Survey-Revised (WMLS-R) is a nationally-normed to meausre of the English Cognitive Academic Language Proficiency (CALP), which is developed by Riverside Publishing. The WMLS-R includes 7 different test to measure the different aspects of English listening, reading, writing proficiency and speaking.
Test 1
Picture Vocabulary-it meausres oral language and including language development and lexical knowledge. This requires the subject to identify pictured objects.
Test 2
Verbal Analogies-it measures the ability to reason using the lexical knowledge. This requires the subject to liten to three words of an analogy and then complete the analogy with an appropriate on the fourth word.
Test 3
Letter-Word Identification-it measures letter and word identification skills. This requires the subject to identify the letter of the alphabet. Then later on, the subject is required to fluently read the word.
Test 4
Dictation-it contains a few initial items of measuring pre-writing skills. This requires the subject to respond in writing to a variety of questions that pertaine to spelling, capitalization, punctuation, and word usage.
Test 5
Understanding Directions-is measures the oral language including listening skills, oral language, lexical knowledge and working memory. This requires the subject to listen to a sequence of audio-recorded instructions and then to follow the directions and pointing the correct objects.
Test 6
Story Recall- it measures the oral language including listening skills, meaningful memory, and expressive language. The requires the subject to listen to a passage from the audio recording then to recall as many details in the story.
Test 7
Passage Comprehension-it meausres how well a subject can read and understand written discourse. The subject is required to read a short passage and identify the missing key word(s) that would make sense in the passage.
How this would be relevant to the ELLs is :
The score gives an estimate of the difficulty for an ELL and how it most likley to have experience on an academic language task and how the difficulty would be for a fluent English classmate performing the same task or test.
What TEC does this fall on?
Testing and Classification of Students (TEC Ch. 89.1225)
Critical information for ESL/Bilingual teachers:
It determines the eligibility for the services and assist for the student. It also determines the language proficiency and oral language. The survery is also a great sample of proficiency in oral language, language comprehension, reading and writing. And it's great for monitoring the language growth.
Presentation by:
Raelyn Honey


Crystal Westbrook
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