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Online Performance Appraisal System

No description

Zarah Mae Hernandez

on 26 March 2014

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Transcript of Online Performance Appraisal System

Web-based Performance Appraisal System & Job Application (WPASJA)
I. Introduction
II. Review of Related Literature & Study
III. Presentation & Analysis of Existing System and Alternative Solutions
A. The Existing System
B. Alternative Solutions
Intangible Benefits
A Web-based Performance Appraisal System & Job Application is a system that is usually used for organizational performance monitoring purposes and for job application. The system can’t give more benefits in terms of Tangible or Money Issue. The system will be more benefits to:

Time & Efforts
– the HRD will lessen the time and effort in computing and organizing all evaluation documents. Can minimize the effort of HRD in scheduling and announcing all the information regarding, job application, evaluating rates and events in the company.
– the system can maximize the available resources of the company. Using the system the company will learn to use the computerized way of going the performance appraisal.
– using the system company can lessen the cost of preparing a lot of evaluation papers and in terms of job application.
– the system can compute the system accurately and error free.

Background of the Study
Columbia Technologies, Inc. (CTI) "Your Systems Solutions Partner" was established in January 1994. CTI is a big company of computer support solution which involves selling licensed software and supplying computer machines to their respective clients or customer. That’s why they hired more employees for the services.
Now, CTI uses the manual system to evaluate each of employees, but this kind of system is laborious, lacks security and consumed lot of papers. In Job hiring, it takes time for scheduling an applicant for exam and interview.
Statement of the Problem
Objective of the Study
Significance of the Study
Other Researcher/ Interested Parties
Scope & Limitation
General Problem
Company gives a lot of time and effort just to evaluate their employee because this is their way to monitor their performance and or by giving promotions. While in looking and hiring for the applicants, it is also accompanied a lot of time in searching for new applicant if urgently needed.
Specific Problem
Inaccurate assessment of employee’s performance.
Laborious way of checking all evaluated papers.
Disorganized managing of documents.
Time consuming for identifying qualified applicants.
General Objective
To develop a Web-based Performance Appraisal System & Job Application
Specific Objective
To improve the process of computing employee’s performance using OPAS (Online Performance Appraisal System).
To enhance the process of checking all evaluated documents.
To improve the way of organizing evaluation forms.
To hire applicants as easy as possible.
A. eAppraisal™
B. JobStreet.com
C. SurveyShack
The Columbia Technologies Inc. is currently using manual-based system in evaluating the performance of employees. These are the process of evaluation.
1. The Human Resources Department will choose all appraisers and give the schedule of appraisal base on the availability time of every employee’s.
2. All assigned appraiser will go to evaluation room.
3. Before the appraisal period will begin, the HRD will distribute pen and evaluation form to the appraisers.
4. After the evaluation period the HRD will collect and organize all documents.
5. The HRD will manually compute the rating of all evaluation papers.
6. The HR Supervisor will turn-over the summary of evaluation rating to all department managers and discuss it to each member of department.
The process of evaluation will help the organization to monitor the performance of every employee.
The appraisal can measure the performance of employee’s.
The evaluation will help the company in terms of promotion purposes.

The manual based system has a strict time scheduling which is depends on appraiser availability.
Appraiser will go into a specific room to perform the evaluation.
The performance appraisal has category base in the department.
The distribution of results is privately given to every department managers.
The performance appraisal is held every year for monitoring each employee of the company.

Concepts of
Problem Analysis of Existing System
For Performance Appraisal

Inaccurate computation of the rating of evaluation.
The appraisal process consumes lot of time and efforts.
Lack of security confidentiality.
Disorganized managing evaluation documents.
The TRANSTECH group proposed an Online Performance Appraisal System (OPAS) to help the help the company to improve the process of evaluating the performance of employees. These are the Advantages and Disadvantages of the system:
Advantages and Disadvantages
The system can lessen the time and effort of computing the evaluation rating.
The employee’s information can easily update.
Ensure that all computation performed are guarantee error free.
Systematic maintenance and retrieval of employee’s information and evaluation documents.
Graphical User Interface (GUI)
Password security to ensure the integrity of data.
The system can lessen the time and effort of the applicants because the proposed system will provide a job application for job applicants.
Without the HR Admin the system can’t be operated by others.
Failure of system.
Computer is an electronic device, so the absence of electricity will halt its worth.
Technical Feasibility
The proposed system is technically feasible since improving of the existing data is possible and the components needed for the system is available in the proponents company.

In this phase involves the allocation of technical resources needed to implement the desired system, it also covers the availability of technical resources for the system’s integration.
Hardware Consideration:
– use for output
System Unit
– body of the computer
– use for input process
– use for input process
– output device
Software Consideration:
Adobe Dreamweaver
– use for coding and designing the system
– use as the database of the system, storage of data.
Xampp Server
- for offline testing of system
Adobe Photoshop
- for enhancing photos and images
Web Hosting
– use to put the system in web.
Operational Feasibility
This phase describes the performance and credibility of the system within the organization. Based on the proponents assumption guided by some observation and interviews,

The proposed system will:
Give information about job application and its process.
Bring Convenience
(For appraiser)
– It can easily appraise those personnel or employee using a systematic way.
(For employee)
–Using online results they can easily know the respective results of their appraisal.
(For not employee end user)
– Through online they can know the company job vacancies and guideline of job application.
Have an exclusive performance appraisal that accessed and maintain by the authorized person in the organization only.
Give Accurate results.
Economic Feasibility
Economic feasibility is one way of determining the cost as well as the benefits that can derived from a proposal.
a. Cost and Benefits
Existing System

Proposed System
Interview photos

It involves about the sequence of the usual process of performance appraisal at CTI:

In discuss the sequences process of Job Hiring Application in CTI:
The applicants will send their resume to the CTI HRD.

The HRD will check and choose for the applicants that pass to the qualification
The HRD will contact and send via SMS the schedule of their examination and interview.

For Job Application Process

Consumes lot of time and effort in sending their resumes.
Lack of security confidentiality.
Laborious way announcing the schedule of examination and interview
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