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Sui, Tang, Song, Mongols, and Ming Review.

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Olivia Cook

on 29 April 2014

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Transcript of Sui, Tang, Song, Mongols, and Ming Review.

Sui, Tang, Song, Mongols, and Ming Review
The Sui Dynasty
581-618 AD
Founded by Emperor Wen of Sui.
The Grand Canal: a 1,000 mile series of rivers and streams that connected northern and southern China.
Completed more of the Great Wall of China.
Built several granaries.
Coinage was standardized.
Compulsory labor was issued.
Tang Dynasty
618-907 AD.
Founded by the Li Family.
Wood block printing was used.
Success in alchemy lead to the use of air conditioning, gas cylinders, gun powder, and more.
Advanced agricultural tools such as the harrow and the rice field plow were invented.
Empress Wu-a strong and influential female ruler of the Tang Dynasty, often known for supporting Buddhism.
Song Dynasty
960-1279 AD.
Founded by Zhao Kuangyin.
Foot Binding: the custom of applying painfully tight shoes-binding to the feet of young girls to prevent further growth.
Several Pagodas were built.
The first use of paper money.
First Chinese government to establish a permanent navy.
Compasses were used.
Several beautiful landscapes were painted.
The Mongols
Founded by Ghenghis Khan.
Built roads that connected Europe and Asia.
Yam: an incredibly efficient postal system used by the wondering Mongols.
The Whistle Arrow: a hollow arrow that made a loud whistling sound when fired.
Horse-back warfare was a signature Mongol war strategy as well as shock tactics such as fake withdraws, surprise attacks, and hostage taking.
Armor made of leather.
Ming Dynasty
1368–1644 AD.
Zheng He: A great explorer and trader that sailed all the way to Africa around 1415.
Built more of the Great Wall of China.
Rebuilt The Grand Canal.
Established the forbidden city at Beijing.
The Huochong gun was invented.
Cotton and Silk looms are used.
When Zheng He dies, the Chinese cut themselves off from the outside world.
1)Who founded the Sui Dynasty?
2)What is the Grand Canal?
3)_______ was standardized in the Sui Dynasty.
4)When did the Sui dynasty end?
5)When was the Tang Dynasty founded?
6)Who was Empress Wu?
7)____ block printing was used by the Tang.
8)Name an advanced agrictultural tool developed by the Tang.
9)When did the Tang Empire end?
When was to Song Dynasty founded?

11)Who founded the Song Dynasty?
12)What is foot binding?
13) Several ______ were built during the Song reign.
14)The Song had the first use of _____ money.
15)The Song dynasty is known for beautiful _________ paintings.
16)When did the Song Dynasty end?
17)When were the Mongols formed?
18)What was Yam?
19)What was a whistle arrow?
20)_____ tactics were used by the Mongols.
21)Give an example of shock tactics.
22)When was the Ming Dynasty founded?
23)Who was Zheng He?
24)The Ming established teh forbidden city at _______.
25)What happened when Zheng He died?
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